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  • Hudson And Claremont Oakland, California - Rockridge
    There is an ongoing problem regarding homelessness in Frog Park and across the street on both Hudson and Claremont. This issue is of great concern to our community as there are adults performing in lewd and inappropriate behavior, leaving trash and debris on the sidewalks and in the park as well as drug paraphernalia and a very unsafe element in and around children's play areas. I have actually witnessed people shooting up on the sidewalk and in the park on the bench near the basketball hoops. This needs to be cleaned up and made safe for children to play.
  • 3959 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Trestle Glen
    Stop Sign Fallen Down at Corner of Brighton and Park
  • 1700 24th St Oakland 94607, United States - Clawson
    Illegal dumping 24th/Wood. I have more similar pictures. Guy unloaded his trailer. License plate is clear & visible.
  • Homeless Encampment Acknowledged
    Lakr Merritt Oakland, California - Lake Merritt
    Sofas, tents, stuff at Lake Merritt Park located under Oak trees along lake near Bellvue and Stanton.
    Shocking to see such this encampment in the park. Oakland residents have paid to beautify our lake and we don't want it to become a messy homeless encampment.
  • Calaveras Avenue Oakland, California - Redwood Heights
    This pothole has been an issue for at least 2 weeks. Big and deep enough to cause an issue for a car with alignment. It's difficult to avoid and impossible to see at night. It's on the right hand side near construction at the end of 13 south when you exit for 580 west. Just as your turning right onto Calaveras at the offramp.
  • Homeless camp Acknowledged
    Forest Street Oakland, California - Shafter
    Homeless are setting up camp at top of embankment under highway 24 eastbound and westbound and this morning another person set up camp at street level. Contacted Caltrans and they responded that it was City of Oakland’s responsibility
  • 5559 Vicente Way Oakland, California - Shafter
    There is a large pile of debris and garbage next to an encampment on the Highway 24 eastbound exit at Claremont Avenue. This is in between Highway 24 and the offramp.
  • 4712 West St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Longfellow
    Worlds largest pothole!!
  • 7980 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    Along with the Mountain Ave On-ramp, The Keller Ave Off-ramp from I-580 needs to be re-paved completely. It's been over a year of giant potholes, divets, & uneven pavement. There were briefly some data collecting lines over it, so I thought it may be getting done soon, but that's obviously not the case. When you exit the freeway at 65 mph, it's like you've gone off-roading at that speed as soon as you drive over the 4 potholes that are right there...your alternative is to swerve around them, into a dip in the pavement, and hope your tires don't fly off the car.
  • Carson St & Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA, 94619, USA - Leona Heights
    A very large pothole has re-appeared at the stop sign on Carson at Mountain BLVD intersection. I see a couple of other reports from 8 months ago and its true that it was acknowleged and fixed however it has come back even larger. The hole is now 3 x 3 feet and at least 1 ft deep. To avoid this cars are either swerving left over the yellow line or to the right which impedes the other lane. This needs immediate attention as a main corrider that is used by emergency services for access to the highway 13th interchange.
  • 522 40th St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Temescal
    All of the street lights have been out on the north side of 40th street between the BART station and Telegraph Ave. There are also no street lights on the south side of 40th street due to construction - making this stretch very dark and unsafe for the many pedestrians commuting.
  • 404 51st Street Oakland, California - Temescal

    A lot of junk, in shopping carts mostly, but not always. has been there about a week it appears.

    This large amount of junk is on the city property on the north side of 51st street, The street address of 367 51t Street may not be spot on, because there are no street addresses.