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Pocoshock, South Richmond

Notified About

  • 1401 Stansbbury Ave Richmond, Virginia - Pocoshock
    A pile of tree branches on the corner of stansbury and coniston ave
  • Other Archived
    3606 Stockton St Richmond, Virginia - Broad Rock
    Green Accura License Plate XEE7623 vehicle park in the front of the property with expired tags.
  • Trash/Bulk Pick-ups Acknowledged
    2737 Glenan Dr Richmond, Virginia - Deerbourne
    Requesting pick up tires, Located on the left side of property near the curb
  • Potholes Archived
    1009 E. Belt Blvd Richmond, Virginia - McGuire
    Four to five Potholes in the alley behind 1009 E. Belt Blvd that are atleast two feet deep and four feet wide.
  • 106 E 35th St Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    Requesting pick up of: Rugs, Logs, and big pieces of wood. Located in the back of property near fence. Customer said that grass is kind of high but pick up is there
  • 2729 Bertram Rd Richmond, Virginia - Piney Knolls
    Needs pickup of tree branches; located in front of the property
  • 1531 Kingswood Street Richmond, Virginia - McGuire Manor
    Please pick up bulk brush items from this location in the front.
  • 1926 Broad Rock Blvd Richmond, Virginia - McGuire Manor

    old storm door, wood, ceiling tile, broken down armour, some lawn and garden items

    Mike Miller

  • 4242 Kinsley Ave Richmond, Virginia - McGuire Manor
    a pile of brush and limbs from bushes located in front of property by the curd
  • 630 Shelby Drive Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    Please pick up bulk brush items from this location in the front.
  • 1006 Arizona Dr Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    citizen called to request bulk pickup at this location; items, yard waste, tree limbs... location--front of house, near curb ... mr Clarke called.. 804--6147816
  • 5513 Troy Road Richmond, Virginia - South Garden
    Tree branch located at the front of the property along the curb side.