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Pocoshock, South Richmond

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  • Potholes Archived
    2012 Coullen Road Richmond, Virginia - McGuire Manor
    Potholes are located pass the Muary Grave Yard. Alot of potholes on Muary Street the( whole street).
  • 403 Old Carnation St. Richmond, Virginia - Midlothian
    2 Cars. No tags. Tow truck left cars there. Paper in the window.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    100 East 37th St Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    3 items on curb behind house need pickup (on Larne Rd/McLennan St)
  • 5335 Snead Rd Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Piney Knolls
  • Green Ridge Drive & Swanson Rd Richmond, Virginia - Warwick
    Pot hole at the corner
  • 4242 N. Kinsley Ave Richmond, Virginia - McGuire Manor

    Tree branches and limbs in front of house by ditch from storm

    Ms. Capehart

  • Bulk Trash Archived
    234 Plazaview Road Richmond Va 23224 - Belt Center
    Brush and vines from clearing over grown lot.
  • 5711 Berrywood Road Richmond, Virginia - South Garden
    Please pick up bulk brush items from this location in the front.
  • 4519 Kelnor Ave Richmond, Virginia - McGuire Manor
    Please pick up bulk brush items from this location in the front.
  • 1824 Powell Road Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    Please pick up bulk brush items from this location in the front.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    138 Brandon Rd Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Belt Center
    Bulk Trash for pickup at 140 Brandon Rd, Richmond, Va 23224
  • 351 East Belt Blvd Richmond, Virginia - Belt Center

    Dear Mr. Vincent,

    I am reaching out to you to get a issue resolved at our Uhaul center located at 351 East Belt Boulevard. Over the past several years, the overflow drain located on your property that is adjacent to our location gets clogged, filled with debris and causing it to back up and flood our parking lot. We have reached out to the CIty several times and each time the city assures us that the ditch and the drain would be properly maintained. We have attached photos and descriptions. I reached out two weeks ago to customer service who assured me that she would give the department the message. As of September 7, 2017, I have yet to hear back from the City. We know the area floods in a small storm, what will happen if Irma hits the area? We need this resolved.

    Photo 283 shows over growth of plants that have never in my 20 years been there before. This is right at the drain. The drain is located on the left at the base of the tree.
    Photo 284 shows some of the trees on the drainage side of the fence.
    Photo 285 shows another picture of the over growth at drain.
    Photo 286 shows other side of our property fence line. The small opening to the left of the old wooden dumpster enclosure is a walk through for the people in the adjacent neighborhood. It gets a lot of traffic. When the cell tower was put in, this walk through was closed. I guess community pressure made them re-open the short cut.
    Photo 288 shows other side of our fence line where debris collects and is funneled probably into the drain area.

    Can you or someone in your department contact me at (804) 342-4296. If this is the wrong department, can you send me in the right direction.


    Stacy B. Donati
    Marketing Company 824 Executive Assistant
    900 N. Lombardy Street
    Richmond, Virginia 23220
    (804) 342-4296
    Ext. 824102