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Pocoshock, South Richmond

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  • 900 Green Ridge Dr Richmond, Virginia - Warwick
    Pot hole at the corner of Green Ridge and Swanson Roads.
  • Warwick Village Drive And Biggs Rd Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    pot hole
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    6131 Ullswater Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Pocoshock
    household items at the curb.
  • 2435 Clearfield Street Richmond, VA - Piney Knolls
    There's a pile of tree debris located in the front of this address and on the side which is Snead Rd.
  • 1440 Stansbury Ave Richmond, Virginia - Pocoshock
    Please pick up bulk furniture items from this location on the side.
  • 3506 Mcrand Street Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    Please pick up bulk furniture items from this location in the front.
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    3912 Marcy Place Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    Tree in front of property has a root that is making it dangerous to walk on the sidewalk because it is pushing up the sidewalk and it is very uneven.
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    2510 Hanover Ave Richmond, Virginia - South Garden
    Assorted yard waste pile in alley by trash cans behind 2510 Hanover Ave.
  • 4201 Norborne Rd Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    Furniture. TV and Vacuum at the curb.
  • 3715 Lawson Street Richmond, VA - Swansboro West
    Please pick up 5 tires from this location in the front.
  • 314 Green Acres Ave Richmond, VA, 23224, USA - Woodhaven
    Pot holes from 314 Green Acres Avenue to 400 Green Acres Avenue have reopened. Please have someone come out to fix.
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    100 East 37th St Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    3 items on curb behind house need pickup (on Larne Rd/McLennan St)