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  • 1-99 23rd St Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet

    The 23rd St./Broadway intersection is in extremely poor disrepair! When you come down the off-ramp from Interstate 787, it is almost as if you are traveling on a gravel logging trail!

    There is basically no road left! It needs to be paved immediately!

  • 300-398 State Highway 2 Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet

    When exiting the Drive-Thru at the Dunkin' Donuts, it is almost impossible to see around the vehicles parked on the south side of Route 2.

    The new alignment/repair of Route 2, including new brick sidewalks and curbs is great, but letting cars/trucks park on the south side of Route 2 is very dangerous for vehicles trying to pull into traffic, because they can't see around all the precariously parked vehicles.

  • I-787 Off Ramp And 23rd Street In Watervliet - Watervliet
    Need a stop light installed at intersection due to amount of traffic!!! Currently has a blinking light...which is worthless!!
  • 719 19th Street watervliet, ny - Watervliet
    4 houses on 19th street between 7th Ave and 9th Avenue - both side of the street - loud parties, possible underage drinking - loud music - starts at 3-4 in the afternoon and doesn't end until 3-4 in the morning.
  • 620 4th St Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet
    car been there so long it's sunk into the blacktop and has old Liberty plates on it. Lawns on both sides of street are never mowed. Business located at corner angle parks their cars in violation daily.
  • 1614 8th Ave Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet
    there have been loud unruly UNDERAGE kids in the 1600 block of 8th ave, appearing intoxicated. The police really need to see where they are getting this alcohol, and to patrol this street for this matter.
  • Road damage Archived
    Interstate 787 Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet
    Over a four mile stretch of 787 there are symetrical bumps spanning all three lanes (six actually) every quarter mile.
  • Interstate 787 Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet

    This area of 787 has drivers going approximately 80 MPH in a 55 MPH zone!

    55 MPH signs need to be installed along the concrete median along this entire stretch, to remind drivers that the speed limit is 55 MPH!

  • Corner 19th. And 2nd. Ave. - Watervliet
    pedestrian crossing lights not working. Have been disconnected since early summer.
  • 1201-1219 New York 2 Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet
    Westbound on Route 2 just past the 12th street intersection...various potholes!!!
  • 1900 2nd Ave Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet

    I can't even fathom why they didn't install green Left-Turn arrows on all 4 corners of this intersection!!!!

    They just rebuilt this whole intersection a few months ago! Why didn't they install green Left-Turn arrows here when they put in the new traffic lights?

    That's just plain stupid! They re-did the whole thing, but when drivers want to make a left in almost any direction, we STILL have to try to beat the other traffic coming towards us in order to make it through the intersection!

    Or even worse, have to sit there for ANOTHER cycle of the traffic light because I couldn't make it in time to turn left the first time.

    Why reconstruct the whole stupid intersection, and then leave such a basic feature out of the design? This is just plain DUMB!

    WAY TO GO, PEOPLE! Great job! Doing HALF the job as usual!!! NICE!!!

  • 1899 State Highway 32 Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet

    I'm glad this potholed gravel pit of an intersection is finally being repaired, however there are a few important issues which need to be addressed as part of the reconstruction process.

    The main problem with this entire stretch, from 13th St. all the way up to 25th St., is that there is virtually no indication on which lanes are the turning lanes and which lanes are the thru-lanes!

    The pavement lines are completely worn off along its entire length, and the traffic lights don't all have a consistent series of green left-turn arrows to show which lanes are left turn lanes and which ones are thru-traffic lanes!

    The logical setup would be to have the far right-hand lanes always be designated only for straight thru-traffic and right turns. Each intersection along this stretch of Route 32 should have identical markings.

    The far left lanes should be ONLY for left turns, so that motorists trying to make left turns don't hold up all the traffic behind them which is trying to go straight.

    The DOT (or whoever is responsible) needs to completely re-align the patterns of traffic flow, so that drivers aren't constantly weaving from lane to lane, not knowing which lane to be in.