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  • 1601-1630 Ridgewick Dr Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe

    We have a serious problem with large groups of unsupervised teenagers after school in this area. Landlords and parents are doing nothing to control these gangs of kids. Every day after school they are in and out of units where the parents are at work until almost midnight - slamming doors, screaming/fighting outside of units - most afternoons I am afraid to go outside for fear of an encounter (my neighbor already had proptery damage threated when he asked them to settle down)

    Please increase patrols through this area and turn into parking lots and checking on units back from the streets especially later in the evening and night (after curfew).

  • 30013 Euclid Ave Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe
    The parking area on Gabriels lot has been harboring overnight parking -- there is a sign stating that there is NO overnight parking. But it does. The last car was there for 3 months , flat tire, never moved till recently. Now there is a red car parked , 1 week so far, how long will that one be there? Why is thi area starting to have these cars here for so long? looks bad.
  • 2283 Sunset Dr Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe
    Had way too many close calls trying to see around the vans and cars that park around the curb to try to pass them without colliding into another car. Should be a no parking zone due to limited visibility.
  • East 300th Street Wickliffe, OH - Wickliffe
    Very annoying and very dangerous. It is almost impossible to drive down this street anymore. I think it should be a no parking zone
  • 29377-29387 Vinewood Dr Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe
    all night parking on friday nights car doors slamming all night long so i cant sleep people dont leave until 5 am