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  • 134 Bridge St Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    This dumpster remains overfilled and overflowing onto Northey Street. As soon as it is emptied, it fills immediately and remains a health hazard and public nuisance. We have all been complaining about this for over a year now - when is something going to be done about it?
  • Washington Square West Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    I cross in the crosswalk in from the Salem Common near the Hawthorne Hotel. I was just nearly hit this morning by a landscaping truck coming around the bend from the direction of the Bertram House. Drive was going way way to fast and if I had not jumped back he would most definitely have hit me. This guy was just after the yound girl who also blew through the crosswalk and was on her cell phone. I walk that way every morning and that crosswalk is terrifying. People pay zero attention to the fact that it's a crosswalk-no concept of slowing down or yielding to a pedestrian. Somebody is going to get killed. Working hard to make sure it's not me.
  • 25 Washington Square Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    All the lights on the Common turned off as of 10:20 p.m. Timers need to be reset. Power went back on at 8:45 p.m. this evening. Some of the light posts need new bulbs that are currently out, this will help with dark pockets on the Common.
  • 134 Bridge St Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Dumpster overflowing- AGAIN!
    Not acceptable.
  • Salem Common Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    8 Lampposts in the Common are out.
    Many others have dim bulbs
  • 38-98 Pleasant Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    Drivers rarely stop. Simply slow down and glide on through. So many close calls for accidents. Frequent honking/yelling/swearing by drivers or pedestrians almost hit. Not sure what would resolve this but worth mentioning. Maybe a look at the whole area would be helpful.

    Additionally, cars driving along Washington Square East through Pleasant Street have a tight squeeze due to street parking. Perhaps limit parking where Washington Square East meets Pleasant Street. It seems that this is where a lot of accidents almost happen because cars are parked along the right hand side and drivers proceeding down Pleasant street have to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane where there is a stop sign at the corner.

    Hard to describe in a text box...but hope it's somewhat clear...

  • World War Ii Memorial Washington Square South, Salem, MA 01970, United States of America - City of Salem
    Looks like the fence was damaged in the same way as when the ports potties were knocked over
  • 20 Winter St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Residents are Illegally parking on median over night AND posting Driscoll and Madore campaign signs on PUBLIC property at 20 Winter Street as well as at the corner of Washington Sq and Winter Street. Are the rules against posting signs on public property ignored for supporters of incumbents and their spear carriers? Counting more blue signs than red signs in town... blue signs are all on private property, red signs make their own rules.
  • Salem Commons And Public Areas Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    The Salem Commons and other public areas are beautiful places for all to share, but I’m greatly concerned about dog owners that do not comply with the leash law, even though the Salem Dog Licenses website states that the leash law is strictly enforced. Unfortunately, what we see every day is that the leash law is NOT enforced.

    There are so many dog owners that say, “my dog is friendly”, and let them loose without thinking that other dogs will be startled and react by defending themselves and barking, which becomes a snowball effect and sometimes greater trouble where smaller dogs can get seriously hurt.

    Please, we pay our dog licenses, so we’d appreciate enforcement of the leash law for all in Salem.

    Thank you.
    Concerned citizen and dog owner.

  • 50 Northey St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Illegally parked/abandoned truck: has been at this location over a week. Inspection sticker is expired x 5 months. Truck is in a residential neighborhood in a tow zone. Calls have been placed to police, it has not been towed yet.
  • 2 Northey St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    WTF? How is this allowed week after week?! Perpetually overflowing dumpster facing the beginning of Northey Street. Absentee landlord of 134 Bridge St is responsible. This is disgusting, a nuisance, attractive to rodents, and disrespectful to the neighbors of Northey St.
  • Salem Common Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Grass on the common is insanely long. This will cause foot and ankle injuries for those excercising, and harbors ticks. Please mow, and mow regularly before someone get hurt in the weeds and tall grass or gets Lyme disease. The common should be a beautiful lawn we can all enjoy, not a field of tall wreds.