PBOT Traffic Investigations

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  • 4093 Ne 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97212 - Alameda

    The stretch of NE 33rd between Prescott and Fremont really needs some ways to calm the traffic down. Signage, speed-traps, traffic humps, whatever - cars are cruising through here - both dangerous and noisy.

    though the speed limit says 30, cars go 40+

  • 6936 Se Nehalem St Portland, OR - Brentwood-Darlington
    Children, pets and pedestrians are endangered daily (especially nightly) by speeding traffic on this double-block. Speed traps or speed bumps would help considerably.
  • 101 399 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97232, USA - Kerns
    The bike lane is still dangerous for a number of reasons (less-than-ideal curve, poor drainage, and now a rough surface where the old striping was ground off). It would be much better to widen the sidewalk and simply stripe a cycle track onto what is currently the sidewalk. Ramps could be added just like on the Hawthorne Bridge.
  • 4566 Ne 76th Ave Portland, OR 97218, USA - Cully
    Two large dangerous potholes. Over 10 inches deep.
  • 2 N Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97217 - Humboldt
    This is an extremely dangerous intersection. Cars turn down the street going the wrong way several times a day. Please improve the signage so motorists know not to turn the wrong way.
  • 4512 Ne 37th Ave Portland, OR 97211, USA - Cully
    Cars in both directions are crossing the yellow line by almost a whole car width. Speed bumps to make them slow down before the two 90 degree turns would help or a barrier between the lanes.
  • Se 159th Ave Portland, OR - Centennial
    People speed through area at close to 40 mph. even during the school year, this puts elementary school kids' lives at risk.
  • N. Rosa Parks Way & Concord Ave Portland, OR - Arbor Lodge
    Even though this is a neighborhood, people speed like crazy through here. When waiting to cross the street, nobody will stop. Once I was already half-way across when somebody came speeding along, not paying attention, and came about two feet from hitting me - I had to be pulled back. They didn't even bother to slow down or stop to make sure I was okay. I'm tired of this.
  • Blind spot Archived
    3901-4199 Ne Senate St Portland, OR 97213, USA - Center
    Cars need to have a stop sign or a speed bump to slow down traffic. Pedestrians coming around the corner can't see the cars and visa versa. The cars drive too fast too close to the curb here.
  • 11000 Se Mill Ct Portland, OR - Hazelwood
    This cul de sac has a speed demon that guns the gas (Both by car and motorcycle) at the entrance to the cul de sac then slams on the breaks as he reaches the driveway of his destination. This is a small 8 house cul de sac, so it is alarming when a car (or motorbike) reach speeds of 20 MPH + in such a short distance.
  • Ne Corner Of Ne Tillamook And Vancouver Avenue Portland, OR - Eliot
    There is a fenced lot on the corner with large, overgrown branches sticking out of teh fence and obstructing the sidewalk AND view of oncoming south-bound traffic. West-bound vehicles are forced to move forward INTO Vancouver Avenue to see past the overgrowth. Very dangerous!
  • Interstate 5 Portland, OR - Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill
    The Fwy light to I-5 south at Ross Island has been turned back on. Too many merging lanes there. The light is causing traffic to back up into multiple lanes and people are taking many life endangering risks to get thru that maze created by the light.