PBOT Street Preservation/Traffic Maintenance

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The Street Preservation program maintains arterial streets, investigates
pavement problems, and administers contracts for paving services. The
program identifies and prioritizes street maintenance projects based on visual
inspections and core samplings of city streets. The Pavement Management
System (PMS) database helps to identify the most cost-effective maintenance
technique for each street based on its pavement condition, and generates the
city's annual pavement maintenance and street re

Notified About

  • 4093 Ne 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97212 - Alameda

    The stretch of NE 33rd between Prescott and Fremont really needs some ways to calm the traffic down. Signage, speed-traps, traffic humps, whatever - cars are cruising through here - both dangerous and noisy.

    though the speed limit says 30, cars go 40+

  • 101 399 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97232, USA - Kerns
    The bike lane is still dangerous for a number of reasons (less-than-ideal curve, poor drainage, and now a rough surface where the old striping was ground off). It would be much better to widen the sidewalk and simply stripe a cycle track onto what is currently the sidewalk. Ramps could be added just like on the Hawthorne Bridge.
  • 4566 Ne 76th Ave Portland, OR 97218, USA - Cully
    Two large dangerous potholes. Over 10 inches deep.
  • 7380 7598 Se Mc Loughlin Blvd Portland, OR - Eastmoreland
    There is a giant pothole in the leftmost southbound lane.
  • 82nd Between Clackamas Town Center Powell Portland, OR - Lents
    from powell to clackamas town center road will fill with water freeze and popup pavement
  • N. Rosa Parks Way & Concord Ave Portland, OR - Arbor Lodge
    Even though this is a neighborhood, people speed like crazy through here. When waiting to cross the street, nobody will stop. Once I was already half-way across when somebody came speeding along, not paying attention, and came about two feet from hitting me - I had to be pulled back. They didn't even bother to slow down or stop to make sure I was okay. I'm tired of this.
  • 1501-1563 Ne 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97213, USA - Roseway
    Cars that are turning right and the bus that goes straight here are not aware of the bikes that are supposed to go straight through to continue along the bike Boulevard. I almost got hit by a bus even after I had made eye contact and waved to the driver that I was there.
  • Se 159th Ave Portland, OR - Centennial
    People speed through area at close to 40 mph. even during the school year, this puts elementary school kids' lives at risk.
  • Terwilliger And Taylor'S Ferry Portland, OR 97212, USA - Far Southwest
    I have watched bicyclists nearly get killed many times by trucks at this intersection. There is a left turn green arrow from Taylor's Ferry onto northbound Terwilliger. At the same time, there is a special right turn light/lane coming from the opposite direction. Lots of out-of-town delivery trucks blow through the light, and since it's uphill, they are gunning it. My biking partner nearly got wiped off of the planet this morning. Several other bicyclists have been injured at this intersection.
  • Ne Airport Way Portland, OR - Sunderland
    Utility construction has added lateral cuts (about 30 cm width) across all lanes in this area, especially eastbound. The patched concrete has developed adjacent holes of indeterminate depth. They are growing at a rate sure to consume an entire tire by 2012. It seems reasonable to do some low-cost preventative maintenance to slow or eliminate disappearance of the roadway.
  • HUGE pothole Archived
    82nd & Foster Portland, OR - Mount Scott
    There is a HUGE pothole when you are headed east through the traffice signal.
  • 4555 Ne 76th Ave Portland, OR - Cully
    NE 76th from prescott to Alberta needs to be repaved or pot holes filled. they ar3e severe and are getting deeper than 8 inches