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  • 416 N Oakland St Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    The Bethesda Mission has been Feeding the less fortunate of Gaston County 365 days a year,a message of Hope,and a Warm meal for 15 years,and much to there surprise,construction was started today on a fence that will close off the only two entrances to the mission.We only have a few days to move our things out,or not get them at all...the bigger issue is where can we go to continue ministering to Gods people,we are a mission for the homeless and we too will be homeless soon.We are asking for your help. Thanks, Rodney Alexander. BOD Gaston Rescue Mission/Bethesda Mission. 704-913-6911
  • Corner Of Union Rd. & Dawnwood Dr. - Gastonia
    At the corner of Dawnwood Dr. and Union Rd. there is two really sharp curves (also known as deadly curve). When leaving Dawnwood Dr. either way you look it is hard to see what is coming due to the curves. There has also been a lot of wrecks in this area due to being hard to get out of the road. There needs to be a signal light of some sort at this intersection.
  • 3347-3399 N Carolina 279 Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    A red light is needed that faces Center Baptist Church. There is a red light that faces Stroupe Road but there is no light facing the traffic coming out of Center Baptist Church. We have to guess and judge from when the traffic stops when it is time for the church goers to enter S. New Hope Road. We have a lot of elderly members as well as young drivers that attend our church. A light that faces our church would help to prevent an accident that is waiting to happen. Please take the time to help correct this problem that eventually is going to end up with someone being seriously injured.
  • 2019 Carol Drive Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia
    This dog barks at 1,3,5 am EVERY morning. I even witnessed a neighbor nearly getting her head bitten as she was watering some green trees along her property line. These owners are very irresponsible. The Rottweiler barks so LOUD that it wakes me up at night and my wife and I both are both sick and tired of the noisy dog. The dog barks in the afternoon while I try to take a nap and the barking is relentless. Also, possible animal abuse takes place here as I even saw them kicking the dog. Just unacceptable.
  • 1000 W 5th Ave Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    There is a yield sign at a 4 way intersection where we think it should be either a two way or 4 way stop. The below there is a stop sign where we think the yield sign should go.. It makes a sharp L turn
  • 4200-4298 Titman Rd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    busted pavement,pot holes on the entire road.
  • 407 E. Sixth Ave. Gastonia NC 28054, USA - Gastonia

    Bojangles expanded their parking lot and access points to their parking lot. In doing so, two large trees were killed. On of the two trees has been steadily falling apart for the last several months. Limbs the size of small trees have been steadily falling into the entrance of Bojangles for weeks. Most of of the limbs have now fallen out of the tree. Not much left except for a towering monolith poised to fall into the bedroom of small children in a Habit for Humanity House.

    The tree is located on an a lot adjacent to the expanded entrance to Bojangles. I am in the process of trying to purchase that lot. But I have checked into the expense of having the dead trees removed and it will cost over $3000.00 to have them dropped and removed.

    I contacted the owner of the property, (Pearson Properties), that was developed for Bojangles. They informed me that Bojangles was in fact responsible for the development of the property. I contacted Bojangles real estate department. They informed me the contractor was responsible for the development and any collateral damages. The contractor then informed me they were not responsible since the tree was not on the property they developed.

    The property the tree is located on has been seized by one of the banks holding a mortgage on the property. They were also informed of the potential hazards. They sent out a couple of untrained fellows to drop the two dead trees. After they started to cut one of the trees down. They realized quickly they were out of their league and stopped in mid cut. The tree has been notched and only needs a back cut or a strong wind to drop it in the direction of the Habitat for Humanity House. It may not be tall enough to reach the house and do substantial damage, but it will fall into the Bojangles right of way.

    The City of Gastonia was made aware of the hazard as well. But because it is not on a city right of way and on private property, there is nothing they can do. The house on the property with the dead trees has already been cited by the city for multiple code violations, but that is the extent of the city's actions.

    It is a typical pass the buck situation. But who will left holding the buck when this tree falls into this Habitat for Humanity House? The ground is over saturated. One more strong thunderstorm with strong winds could claim the life of a small child. All because no one could be held accountable.

    I will try and upload some photos and videos in a second posting from my phone. If not uploaded I can be contacted at Tire Country, 704 866-9144.

    Thanks for you interest in helping to resolve this death trap as soon as possible.

    Steve Fortner

  • 1697 E. Hudson Blvd. Gastonia, NC, 28054 - Gastonia
    A while back when the storms hit, our light outside got knocked out and it hasn't been fixed yet. This is a problem for the residents of our apartment complex especially at night when walking our dogs.
  • 1111 Cox Rd Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia

    These railroad tracks are the most terrible tracks I ever went over. When going over these tracks if you are unaware of how bumpy they are you can lose your whole undercarraige of your vehicle. You need to go very very slow about 2 to 5mph in order to keep you free of any damage.There are noo signs making you aware that you need to slow down. The worst part is that they are near a hospital, can you imagine going over these tracks in an abulance. Terrible, Dangerous Crossing tracks. Hopefully I will never have to go over them in an ambulance!

    Now they causing a traffic jam by removing the turning lane going north adding a median which doesn't make any sense. The people that need to make a left turn will now be blocking the cars going straight because the right lane is a right turn only. Who thinks of these stupid moves....I will get the pictures real soon.

  • 175 W Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    Franklin Boulevard has so many pot-holes and rough spots (between Walmart of West Gastonia to Redbud Drive) that it caused my bumper to crack costing me so much to repair!
  • 801-899 U.S. 321 Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    I think there needs to be a left turn singal light off of garrison on to US 321 there is most times a lot of traffic and it is hard to see on coming traffic over the hill to turn left i think the light that is there is just working.
  • 2500 E Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    On Cox Road beginning at Franklin Blvd and continuing beyond I85 since the road has been repaved the lines on the road cannot be seen at night when the road is wet.