Gastonia Public Works

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  • 224 And 109 W Hilltop Circle Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    These yards have not been mowed this year. Probably going to take a bush hog.
  • 2040 Ashton Place Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The street light is out on the western side of Ashton Place.
  • Woodcut Rd.Gastonia - Gastonia
    we have a BIG problem with our road.we have done had the gaston gazett down here a couple years ago to film our road and still nothing done.our roads are so bad that when it rains or snows the people behind us are out of luck trying to get out.EVERYBODY is tearing their cars up trying to get out and go to work.we have kids down the road that go to school and it's hard for them to get out and catch the bus. the ups truck even gets stuck.we have lived here for 20 years and they keep putting us off on getting something done about this road. so if you could PLEASE help us get SOMETHING done about this mess.
  • 2937 Trotters Rd Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    Street light out across from 2937 Trotters rd and also on the corner of Hunters Crossing Lane and Trotters Rd (2 are out)
  • 1330-1344 Hunters Crossing Lane Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    STreet light out here
  • 2101-2197 Linda Street Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    At least two street lights are out in this area and need some attention. Makes it difficult to see without them.
  • 1721 Broadcast St Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    Underground sink hole is re-forming
  • 1406 Austin St Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia

    The property at this address is being invaded on the west side by unchecked overgrowth of trees & bushes. The results of it are increased humidity, mold & mildew of the affected homeplace.

    Please make the owner of the adjacent parcel clean this up.


    The land owner has done a great job of removing brush, but a controlled burn of the area would aid in removing viney undergrowth.

  • 1535 Burtonwood Dr Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia
    When attempting to exit the Target parking lot onto Burtonwood drive (right across from Cotton Blossom Lane), drivers cannot see oncoming traffic to their left because of overgrown flowery bushes (on Pizza Hut property.). Drivers have to inch their way into traffic before they can see what's coming.
    This is very dangerous and needs to be corrected ASAP.
  • 428 S Webb St Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    Trash can and leaves in the road and bushes and small trees blocking view of oncoming traffic in curve near 428 s Webb St. There is also a fire hydrant and power pole in this curve. Cars parking in the street make this even more dangerous when trying to round this curve.
  • 200 Stroupe Rd gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    In our apt complex the dumpster is within approx 10 yds of the residences. The flys are intolerable. You cannot sit outside, you can't cook out, you cannot do normal outdoor activities because of the flys. When I contacted the owner, he laughed and said "Well, people have to throw their food somewhere, hahahaha". This is unacceptable. I went to the city of Gastonia and their answer was, "He probably falls under the grandfather clause". This is an unhealthy situation and I cannot find anyone to help.
  • 3501 Heather Lane Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    There are numerous pot holes all around my house and there are so many that you have to try to dodge them all but then I hear other people hitting them all the time and its get on your nerves because this a pretty large development and there is a lot of cars. This is a state maintained area so I don't know why they can't come out to pick all these potholes.