Gastonia Public Works

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Watching issues created after: 2010-05-26

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  • Bessemer City Hwy At Mall Dr Bessemer City, NC - Gastonia
    Dangerous entry and exit into neighborhood!
  • Interstate 85 Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    center lane needs repaired has ruts from 18 wheelers pulls vehicles side to side
  • 1402 W Mauney Ave Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    we have sent you information before that you ignored! This neighborhood in West Gastonia is in desperate need of help. You may view the problems at www.lifeingastonia where we have posted pictures and more.
  • 2400-2498 Linda Street Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    There is a bunch of broken glass, on Linda Street just downhill from Redbud. It's been there for many weeks and, still, nobody has done a thing about this. Only a matter of time before someone gets a flat tire...Please fix this!
  • 2850 East Franklin Boulevard Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    At night I can hardly see the lane markings on the road. People drive in the opposite direction because they can't tell where the lanes are! And if it's raining, forget it. The road needs to be repainted.
  • 3634 Gaston Day School Rd Gastonia, NC, 28056, USA - Gastonia
    Street light on corner of Hamptonbook and Gaston Day School Rd damaged and out
  • 2714 Redbud Drive Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    Big pothole located at bottom of hill near bridge.
  • 2040 Ashton Place Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The street light is out on the western side of Ashton Place.
  • 2049 Pamela Street Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The new speed bumps on Pamela Street are way too high! It doesn't matter how slow I go. I now avoid Pamela Street like the plague, because I don't want my car to get damaged. The speed bumps on neighboring streets are more gradual and tolerable. These speed bumps, on Pamela Street, are horrendous! This needs to be fixed, asap.
  • 1203 Poston Circle Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    grass at 1202 Poston Circle has not been cut in several weeks and is over 2 feet tall.
  • 1909 Kyle Court Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    Please fix this pothole. Its getting big.
  • 2404 Woodleigh Drive gastonia , North Carolina - Gastonia
    tree down in road