Gastonia Public Works

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  • 1666 D Robins Nest Court - Gastonia
    I would like some information on HOA complaints. I have weeds and over grown bushes at my deck. I have compained to the HOA, and they told me I needed to buy weed killer and take care of it myself. I pay $171.00 a month in fees (109.00 monthly and 62.00 yearly assement fees) I feel this is not fair, the landscapers walk by the area and do absolutely nothing. There is leaves stil under the deck that they have not taken care of. The weeds and bushes are growing at the steps and at the airconditioning units. Do you take care of HOA that do not do what they are supposed to do???? Thank you !!!
  • 505 S Washington St Gastonia, NC, 28052, USA - Gastonia
    2 street lights out on south Washington street
  • 510 Allison Avenue Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The street light would blink on and off when the wind would blow. Know it has stop working. Dark in this spot.
  • 1327 Carmen Lane Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    pot hole in front on street is about 4 x 3. Disrupts proper water drainaged. Dangerous for garbage cans, etc. in addition to walking.
  • Modena Street - Gastonia
    The cemetary where my brother has been alid to rest is a wreck. The grass is NEVER cut, it has a fence but no gates to be locked and things are stolen from there all of the time. It is the worst cemetary in Gaston County. The city of Gastonia is over the grounds but they do not do anything about it.There are bad holes in the roads in the cemetary and also some of the graves are sinking in, something needs to be done about this awful mess. My brother was put there to be in peace not to have filth all around. It is just disgusting how the city does not take care of things. I bet if a city leader was put there it would be clean and gates put up to be locked at night.
  • New Hope Road Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    In front of the Bobjangles on New Hope, the turning lane use to have the straight and turning arrow, but since they repaved the road, they only painted the turning arrow. People use that lane to go straigt and exit off to 85 South. There is only a little distance to travel from the Bojangles to the turn off.
  • Road Open
    28052 Gastonia, NC, USA - Gastonia
    Roads has big cracks and road is crumbling up. Needs to be repaved Instead of paving here and there.
  • 1697 Echo Lane Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
  • Road Open
    902 Lakeview St Gastonia, NC, 28052, USA - Gastonia
    Road needs repaved...
  • East Davidson Ave Gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    There is no speed limit posted on this road. There are children that play and walk from school. It is like a Drag strip for the motorist..
  • 505 South Washington Street Gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    Broken street light it has not came on in a week. It's at the curve of Washington street in front of a house for sale.