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  • 2101-2299 U.S. 321 Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    Middle divider or 3' vertical strips NEEDED to keep people from turning left into Hardee's / Papa Johns / DunkinDonuts going northbound 321. The entrance to these businesses are for the southbound 321 vehicles only, but people still stop and try to cross busy traffic causing more back-ups and I've seen quite a few near misses. Also seen quite a few people make U-turns in the same location.
  • 4292 Titman Rd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    ok titman road has got to be one of the worst roads in gaston county. i've heard they have talked about redoing the road totally but have seen no action. There is a ton of traffic on this road daily and it has gotten worse since the new school opened up this year at the intersection of s. new hope and titman.( the old winn-dixie marketplace building). I think they need to have a school zone area there too because of drivers speeding thru there all the time and they dont even have an officer patroling the area half the time either. Back to the road though, titman road is very narrow and has a low shoulder at some areas. you just about cant drive the posted speed limit (35 mph) because it will beat your vehicle to death. I've already hit a pot hole on that road and busted a tire and had to have an alignment done and have replaced a shock that got busted. COME ON Gastonia lets do something about this and do it soon for the sake of everyday drivers and the kids at the school.
  • 2500 E Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    On Cox Road beginning at Franklin Blvd and continuing beyond I85 since the road has been repaved the lines on the road cannot be seen at night when the road is wet.
  • U.S. 321 Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    The light at this intersection needs to be timed with the light at the rankin lake road intersection. The traffice backs up in the morning and blocks the rankin lake road intersection, which in turn slows down traffic on the other side of the highway and blocks traffic. If both lights stay green about 15 more seconds then all traffic can be cleared on both sides of the highway.
  • 4292 Titman Rd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    This road is full of potholes which they just keep patching. I have lived off this road and consistently have to get my car aligned to have it drive smoothly. There was a bond passed that was supposed to fix this road, but they haven't even started!
  • 1231 S Marietta St Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia
    One year ago voters approved a bond to widen a narrow and dangerous road that is full of pot holes and nothing has happen. When will the work begin and who is dragging their feet?
  • 2478-2498 W Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    At the Franklin Square wal-mart there is a sign that states that incoming traffic has right of way. Also at the Lowes entrance at Franklin Square has the same sign mounted below both stop signs. At the Myrtle School Rd entrance off Hwy 74 there is no such sign. The stop signs have nothing extran on them. Traffic either does not stop for incoming traffic or assume that they will stop or yeild for them when they pull out infront of incoming traffic which has "NO" stop or yeild sign. This is an accident waiting to happen.
  • 503 N New Hope Rd Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia
    southbound new hope rd traffic has 1 lane to turn right between bojangles and kentucky fried chicken, the same lane enables right turns onto I85 S. Crashes will occur when drivers don't turn right @ first turn & interrupt drivers to turn right onto I85 S.
  • 3098 Hollywood Dr. - Gastonia

    Our neighbors have recently abandoned their home. They owned the home, but on Friday, August 6, 2010, they packed all of their possessions and left ubruptly. The home, yard, and entire area is completely trashed. Old tires, beer cans, and extremely tall grass cover the property. Also, they left their family dog behind with no one to care for it because their new home does not accept pets. Within the county limits, no codes are enforced to clean abandoned homes, therefore, the only way the mess will be cleaned is if a new buyer does it, or if you guys appear and make it happen. Concerned neighbors should not be left to clean up the mess. With situations such as this becoming a growing problem, immediate attention needs to be paid in order to control the problem. Ultimately, we simply want the mess cleaned therefore we can all continue our simple way of life without worrying of rodents and toxins. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated by the entire neighborhood.

    Thank you,
    Randy Carson

  • Bad Pot Hole Archived
    3384-3538 E Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28056, USA - Gastonia
    There is a deep pot hole on the northwest corner (in front of Chick Fillet) of the intersection coming out of Sam's Club shopping center. This pot hole is being neglected by the property owner.
  • 2500 W Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    There is a small intersection while coming into walmart parking lot. One day you come through here and you have to stop at a stop sign, the next day, there will be a bent stopsign like someone just ran over it, then there will be no stopsign. Some people are used to this stopsign being here and still try to do the three way stop and others who know it is gone just run right through doing 30. there is going to be an accident here. Need to just paint STOP on the road and dont worry about the bend stopsigns, before someone gets run over.
  • 212 North Morris Street Apt. S Gastonia NC 28052. - Gastonia
    I have ridden the bus system in Gastonia for about two years. It is time for WBTV to investigate why, for the most part, there are little , if any bus shelters around the city. The placement of a majority of stops are in very dangerous locations, ( to close to the road, no sidewalk, etc.). If we can build a new convention center, recruit new business to our wonderful city, why can we not create a better system to safely transport of taxpayers? Where did the money come from for the new buses? Please help. Thanks for your time.