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  • 782-798 Armstrong Park Rd Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia

    On the concrete wall along Armstrong Park Road, there is an area that has vandalism on it. Please spray paint it clean. I am tired of looking at it.

    Thank you!!!

  • 2038 Ashton Pl Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia
    Near the west end of Ashton Place, a street light apparently has burned out and needs a urgent replacement. Also at the west end of Ashton Place, a pothole is getting bigger and bigger and needs urgent fixing, as well.
  • 1882 S New Hope Rd Gastonia, NC 28054, USA - Gastonia
    The entry road to this post office has a big pothole that is actually making it dangerous to drive over. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  • Corner Of York St And Garrison Blud. South Bound - Gastonia
    the sidewalk is broken so bad that i see a lady tring to push her child in a wheelchair after getting them off of the handycap bus and it takes all she has to do it the wheelchair just about truns over.
  • 523 Sherman St gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    The street is so bad with holes it is tearing our tires up one hole is like a speed bump they patched a small one about a year ago and said they would be back and never did the street looks awlful.PLEASE HELP
  • 539 Sherman Street Gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    Road is full of pot holes and is broken up in front of residential drive ways.
  • 2147 Chespark Dr Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    this road, Chespark Drive, is a full length road but is cut in the middle, there is no road there. So when potential customers, new employees or anyone else is trying to find a business, they all get lost and have to call to find out where to find us. One of the sides of this road either need to have the name changed or the road completed so that it is a complete road. this is a huge problem.
  • Helen Drive & Redbud Drive - Gastonia
    Recently, a pothole was in need of repair. Apparently the city came out to fill it back in. Just one problem, the pothole was filled but then they added annoying bumps in the spot. The city needs to come back out and do it right this time!
  • Burtonwood Drive--Northbound Lane (Across From The Side Entrance To Grier Middle School) - Gastonia
    On Burtonwood Drive just north of Garrison, on the northbound lane, there is a sewer cap on the road. Just before you reach the cap, the road suddenly "drops" on one side, creating potentially a dangerous hazard. Everytime I drive through there, I have to swerve just to avoid further damage to my tires. Please help to fix this!
  • Western End Of Ashton Place - Gastonia
    On the western end of Ashton Place lies a problematic stretch of road. On the western side standing water can be present for days. (Not to mention potholes and other annoying bumps that just don't belong there.)
  • 523 Oates Road Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The traffic light at the intersection of Oates Road and Bessemer City Highway is messed up. The sensors under the road that detect a vehicle do not detect a vehicle that is on the oates road side of the intersection. Traffic there must wait for a car to approach the light from the Dallas side , then, sometimes it will turn green for the oates road side also. I have waited for it to turn 5 or 6 cycles. Sometimes depending on traffic, the only way to go straight or turn left is to go through the light when it is green on the Dallas side.
  • 901 C Edgewood Circle Gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    Resident Kimberly Hallas of Apartment 901 C Edgewwod Cirlce has 13 outside cats that have not been registered or have had there shots. Kimberly continues to feed the cats and the cats are continuing to multiply and breed. The small community I live in has complained to the Gaston Countjy Animal Control and the Landlord (Mrs. Ileen Robert Delinger) Of Roberts Rentals and we have had NO responce. The animals are breeding and using the bathroom and the Kimberly the Lady that is responsible will not clean up after the poor animals. It's very sad for the poor cats! Please help me and my small community! My name is Heather Hobson @ 901B Edgewood Circle Gastonia, NC 704-860-7733, We (all neighbors) have photo's of this abuse going on! Thank you so much! What can we do?