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  • Corner Of Blake And Osborn New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The abandoned gas station at the corner of Blake and Osborn is a neighborhood eye sore. It is a mess and now there is graffiti on it. It is right next to both a city bus stop and a school bus stop. The property is a disgrace to the neighborhood and needs to be removed immediately.
  • Jewel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Debris dumped on street. Jewel Street and Whalley Ave.
  • 232 Ellsworth Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Once again, without notice, the water is off at 232 Ellsworth Ave, probably for repairs. I called Pike's office, but when I said it wasn't in my apartment but the building itself, they hung up and went to voicemail. This is typical. The city is in the Independent relating to lead problems. Why not this continuous treatment of the tenants here? Once again, refer to all my previous emails about the problems here.
  • 880 Elm St New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Hello, tenants at this location disposed of furniture about 3 wks ago and it looks very trashy. Ive lived here over 35 years and dislike nasty areas. The children are playing on this furniture and im afraid parents not watching them and children can easily get hurt or even struck by a car since its so close to the street. Please clean this up.
  • Winthrop And Goffe Street New Haven Connecticut - Beaver Hills

    One of the Beaver Hills neighborhood gateway brick piers has been toppled over, presumably by accident by one of the machines/vehicles milling the street the week of July 4th, 2018. While the pier is located on private property, I suspect that it is the City's responsibility to repair the pier in this instance since it likely resulted from their road milling efforts. [EDIT: Apparently, the brick pier was damaged in a car accident. Would it then be up to the property owner of 590 Winthrop Avenue to pursue property damages from the vehicle operator who was at fault?]

    The brick piers are an important component of the Beaver Hills Historic District, which is registered on the National Register of Historic Districts. 590 Winthrop Avenue, the property the pier is located on, is a contributing structure to the historic district.

  • 459 Ellsworth New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills

    The resident has an unsightly hamburger stand or lunch counter that is a commercial vehicle parked on a residential property and it is unregistered. This resident must Park this vehicle out of sight or in a commercial vehicle storage area where it belongs. The housing code does not authorize unregistered commercial vehicles to be parked in a residential driveway for all neighbors to have to look uat.

    Not only is this still an issue, somehow this issue was removed from the seeclickfix site before it was ever even acknowledged by LCI. I don't think that is fair to the neighbors who have to see this monstrosity everyday and somehow the resident kniws someone who can help them remove the improper condition from this site without being held accountable to correct this condition.

  • 279 Blake St New Haven 06515, United States - Beaver Hills
    This plaza with the DB mart on the corner of fitch and Blake Street is a complete disaster of garbage everywhere it should be the property is owners to come out and clean their Their property I as a taxpayer for the City Of New Haven I’m responsible to clean my property and keep it to a certain level of acceptance before becomes a blight yet some of these commercial properties in and around the city don’t seem to be held to the same standards whether it be a strip Mark whether it be a Mande management owned property that they let go to disarray Yet they expect an 11% increase from us on our taxes this year in three weeks and they can’t even keep the streets clean it’s a disgrace edited insulted to every citizen who pays taxes in the city
  • Signs Archived
    382 Winthrop Ave New Haven 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Rusty Stub of sign post is a dangerous hazard. Tripping and other injuries entirely possible. Please remove immediately.
  • Ellsworth New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills

    Woman on Ellsworth Avenue was fined for keeping her trash toters out for 3 days after trash pickup, but her husband brings toters in every Monday night. This is from the neighborhood website Next Door:

    "I was wondering if anyone else on Ellsworth Ave received a citation for supposedly leaving their garbage bins out. We received a citation claiming we had left our out for 3 days, which I can say for sure is not the case. My husband brings them back every monday after work. When we contacted the office they claimed that 21 other home owners on our street received the same citation. I find it hard to believe that 21 home owners would happen to leave their bins out for the same 3 days at the same time. Just curious, and yes we are contesting this. "

    The flyer is ridiculous - we're not supposed to put our toters out before trash pickup? Huh? Then how would the trash be collected, if it's not at the curb the night before? Do you expect us to wake at 4am and stand beside the toters waiting for the garbage trucks??

  • Whally Avenue And Ellsworth Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Bus #1794 on the 243 Line which dropped my neighbors and I off at approx. 5:53 PM TODAY reeks of vomit. How does a system allow a bus to continue in service like that? We looked at each other in complete disbelief. Some of us are hardworking people who choose to use public transportation. It's bad enough you want to raise property taxes, tax our cars but a basic provision like public transportation is not cleaned??? Fix it!!
  • 21 Ruby Street New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The service center apparently has new owners who were working at the property yesterday and informed me that they are going to be knocking down the building and replacing it with an apartment building which was already approved by the city. I don’t like the idea of another apartment building being in a neighborhood full of rentals which are not maintained and already congested. We will only be adding to the garbage the accumulates at the comet by adding numerous residents to that intersection. This entire neighborhood is becoming to congested. For me to get to Whalley Avenue (2 blocks) it can take me 10 minutes already by adding another apartment building it will only become worse whT was the city thinking approving such a mistake
  • 117 Norton St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    There are 20 dirt bikes and illegal quads tearing apart park property right now. They are also running in the road and making it very dangerous for vehicles and NHPD absolutely has to come here right now. 911 has been called multiple times by multiple people.