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  • Runnymede essex fells, NJ - Essex Fells
    kind of on runnymede, southwest corner, i think? one block from roseland ave, across from wootton? in back of st peter's church, near jamie ? last name? house
  • Waterloovalley Rd. Budd Lake, NJ - Morris County
  • Ann Street Morristown, New Jersey - Morristown
    There is a deep hole near crosswalk of Ann street and Bank Street near carpet store, maybe 6 inches wide, big enough to catch a foot or bike
  • 161 Green Village Road Madison, New Jersey - Madison
    The snow from the street has been plowed on to my sidewalks. No way I can do it by my self. You really need a snowblower to take care of it. I don't want to get fined. Help Help!
  • Old Wolf Rd Budd Lake Mount Olive Township, New Jersey - Budd Lake
    Pot holes.DANGEROUS ones on old wolf rd budd lake nj
  • Smithtown Rd Mount Olive Township, New Jersey - Morris County
    Clean up both sides of Smithtown rd. from RT46 to Sandshore rd. There are many old trees and leftover stumps leftover from previous storm removal.
  • 2-30 Noe Ave Madison, NJ - Madison
    There is a huge disregard of safety. People are speeding past the stopped school vehicle ( clearly marked) at pick up and drop off. It is a school vehicle yet little regard is made more so scary that it is a special needs bus. Also Madison district buses are flying past as well.
  • POTHOLE Open
    Speedwell Ave Morristown, New Jersey - Morristown
    There is a BIG POTHOLE alittle below St. Margret's Church on Speedwell Ave,Morristown, NJ Needs to be fixed.
  • Budd Lake Post Office Mount Olive Township, New Jersey - Morris County
    A car could seriously sink in this pothole. Every year the repair falls apart, and folks like me who work late can't mail their letters because they can't pull up to the mail box.
  • Willow Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey - Peapack and Gladstone
    A mess from Main Street
    to FarHills border, where
    repaving in Far Hills was done quite well.
  • 1333-1353 Whitebridge Road Long Hill, New Jersey - Long Hill Township
    No words to describe this "road". It is something out of a third world country, probably even worst. Entire road needs to be completely repaved ASAP.
  • 34 Overlook Trail Morris Plains, Morris County, New Jersey - Morris Plains