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Mga Bukas na Isyu: 656 Mga Saradong Isyu: 2,581 Mga Na-acknowledge na Isy: 13
Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2010-05-27

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Mt Airy Rd & Interstate 287 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, USA - Bernards Township
    Cars line up back towards the highway because making a left onto Mt. Airy road is difficult due to traffic.
  • Main St Succasunna, NJ 07876, USA - Succasunna-Kenvil
    Route 10 west and Main st. People are pulling onto Rte 10 from Sussex Turnpike and people pulling off of Rte 10 onto Main st. Accidents all the time. Does someone have to be badly hurt or killed?
  • Interstate 80 Ledgewood, NJ 07852, USA - Roxbury
    pot hole in middle lane going east bound, just before exit 28 at a bridge connecting asphalt road and concrete bridge
  • Whitehall Towaco, NJ 07082, USA - Montville
    From railroad over pass to Pinebrook Rd. the surface is nothing but patches, for years already. Every new hole becomes a lump when they patch.
  • Allamuchy-Panther Valley, NJ - Allamuchy-Panther Valley
    Need traffic light installed to make 4 way intersection. Someone will loose their life here. offramp 80 west to 517 gets backed up almost to highway some days. Also cars barrel down 517 North like they want to hit you. When you pull out they speed up with gravity on their side.
  • 1 Mark Ln Succasunna, NJ 07876, USA - Succasunna-Kenvil

    Some put up markers on a quiet dead end street in Succasunna which narrows a one lane road into a very tight space especially on a sharp bend. People walk on this road and almost get run over by people coming around the bend. We used to have ample space, the snow removal used to be able to be pushed back about 6 feet OFF the road into a huge pile back there. Now the snow is IN the road due to the markers making the road far too narrow. Someone is going to seriously get hurt, as there is no place to walk going around the bend where one is not in the way of an on coming vehicle who cannot see around the blind corner. The other negative, is now the snow makes trying to pass with 2 cars IMPOSSIBLE. So many times folks have almost ran right into our car, and if a UPS truck comes and and you are there...you better kiss yourself goodbye.

    Please have someone fix this situation by taking out the markers and allowing two cars to pass on the sharp bend. This was a big mistake. The neighbors have been saying they are going to get up a petition to speed things up.

  • Park Avenue Flanders - Roxbury
    Recently the intersection of Main Street and Park Avenue was reconfigured to make it a sharp, narrow turn rather than a wider, smoother merge. While this may slow down the traffic on Park Avenue, it has caused a dangerous condition since the roadway has been narrowed to a point where two passing cars can barely fit. It is unlikely two larger vehicles would fit. The intersection has to be widened and it would help to take the short sharp curve out of it also.
  • Rt 46 And Rt 206 - Netcong
    Left hand lane should be the only lane that can enter circle. There are arrows there which lead drivers to believe they should be making a left hand turn from the right hand lane. Left lane is only lane which should enter circle. Right lane should not enter circle.
  • 12-14 E Dewey Ave Wharton, NJ 07885, USA - Wharton
    During the day there is always traffic on E. Dewey Ave. heading toward Main St. At times it will backup onto Route 15. The majority of the traffic flow at this intersection comes from this direction. Also, with the closing of the Rt. 46 doesn’t help. The traffic light timing should be adjusted to accommodate the western traffic flow on E. Dewey Ave.
  • Randolp NJ - Morris County
    there should be a left turn arrow at light at rt 10 and canfield. dangerous intersection
  • 3 Whitehall Rd Towaco, NJ 07082, USA - Montville

    Potholes, craters

    Under bridge off of 202 by Towaco train station

  • 380 W Hanover Ave Morristown, NJ 07960, USA - Morris County
    The traffic light located at the entrance to the Fire and Police Academy on W Hanover Ave needs attention (light changes/turns red when nobody's waiting). The hill grade at this location is high for the travelers on W Hanover Ave and the light is badly programmed to turn Red even though there are no vehicles waiting to attempt to exit the "academy", or the facilities across the street - to gain access onto W Hanover Ave. The light changes to Red on the W Hanover Ave for drivers at all hours of the day; and is painfully noticable at late evening and early morning and on weekends when none of the facilities have need for the light. The unnecessary stoppage of Hanover Ave traffic at this location (vehicles traveling up the steep hill & breaking going down the hill) is a big waste of fuel and brake pads with nothing to gain. Better switching is needed here - it's better for the economy and the environment; and, it would make me smile.