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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2010-05-27

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Corner Of Farmstead Drive And Knoll Road In Parsippany - Morris County
    The school crossing guard parks his car within a few feet of the Stop Sign at the corner of Farmstead Drive and Knoll Road in Parsippany. This forces any car approaching the Stop Sign on Farmstead Drive to go around his car and stop on the opposite side of the road. Cars come around the corner fast from Knoll Road onto Farmstead and do not expect a car to be stopped on their side of the road. On several occasions, I have had near miss head on collisions where I have had to hold my hand on the horn to avoid being hit. This is just one example of a situation that prevails at many crossing guard intersections, not only in Parsippany but other towns.
  • Other Archived
    26 Kent Place Boulevard Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    The crossing between Norwood avenue and Deforest avenue is deadly. Both my husband and I almost got run over by cars several times while crossing. There are many children crossing this road everyday, and this is very dangerous, Need immediate installation of red signal for alerting motorists for crossing pedestrians. or at least working street lights to show there are pedestrians crossing this section.
  • Rt 202 And Whitehall Rd Towaco - Montville
    Flooding under the RailRoad Bridge has been a long running and consistant problem. This very moring about a foot of water accumulated under the bridge and now with a light there cars sit in the water.
  • Rt 202 And Mt Airy Rd Bernardsville, NJ - Bernardsville
    When I sat on council the DOT promised us that when we did the streetscape project they would come out and install directional arrows on the traffic light at this critical intersection. O.K. so where are they? Council needs to remind them as I believe it would relieve the lineup of traffic at busy traffic hours.
  • South Street morristown, nJ - Morris County
    lmost the entire length of Woodland Avenue from the police station to the border with Harding is in rutted with potholes, and has been for almost a year.
  • Brady Rd lk hopatcong, NJ - Morris County
    on brady everbudy does 50 mph its not safe to back out of my house Can sume one Help
  • Green Lane And Main St. Succasunna, NJ - Succasunna-Kenvil
    Cars come onto Main St. in Succasunna and speed up while car(s) are sitting facing east on Main to turn left onto Green Lane. They accelerate and gun the engine to close up any gap to the car in front of them and during rush hour will not allow people to turn left. I have elderly parents I must get back to and these drivers are being dangerous and not road curteous. The other issue is coming onto Main and turning right soon onto Green Lane. We have to tap our breaks and put the blinker on in advance as people fly off Rt. 10 cut over the double yellow line and then come right on your bumper tailgating while you turn into Green Lane. They drive in a menacing manner and seem to have road rage as you are trying to get off the road.
  • 5 Clarke Place Mt Tabor Nj - Morris County
    uneven road surface on Clarke place makes it very difficult walking for senior citizens, just walking from our front door to our garage is a challenge as I have had Vascular bypass on my leg, and my wife has had two small TIA's that makes uneven road a hazzard
  • Road surface Archived
    Fanny Rd Boonton, NJ 07005 - Mountain Lakes
    Road was dug up to lay drainage pipeline. Gouges, holes and dips remain. This road will destroy your car. Not fair.
  • 35 E Main St Rockaway, NJ 07866, USA - Rockaway
    extremely and unnecessarily bumpy
  • Lakeside Blvd Roxbury NJ - Hopatcong
    Potholes near traffic light @ Lake Hopatcong State Park..have been there for months
  • Preakness Ave. Wayne, NJ 07470 - Lincoln Park
    The stretch of Preakness Ave. from Valley Rd. to Weinmans Bvd is a treacherous nightmare. It's one massive pothole after another. The whole road needs to be repaved.