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  • Interstate 80 Wharton, NJ 07885, USA - Morris County
    The middle and right lanes are dipping on the temporary lanes on Westbound Route 80. The asphalt is also cracking. This is unsafe for the amount of trucks and cars that use this stretch of Route 80.
  • Green Pond Rd Rockaway, NJ 07866, USA - White Meadow Lake
    Between rt80 and Commons way north and south, Green Pond rd has been neglected for 10 years, now there are bumps/potholes in the slow lane that will bounce you car into other lanes and places where new buildings have cut sewers and poorly patched, the roads it is DANGEROUS.When i rains there are HUGE puddles that will pull your car all over the place no matter what speed you are going. When is the forgotten end of Morris County going to get fixed . We pay taxes too..
  • Brooklyn Mountain Rd Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    Brooklyn Mountain Road is a twisting road with a posted speed limit of 25 MPH. There are many children, bike riders and pets living along the street, but drivers persist in speeding way over the limit.
  • Punch Bowl Road In Morris Township - Morris County

    Punch Bowl Road has become uncomfortable to drive because of the numerous potholes and patches over the past several years!! It's like a washboard with an irregular pattern. I hate thinking how it must be affecting my shocks and struts! I realize part of the "problem" is that the road is owned by two separate townships. Morris Township needs to bite the bullet and repave their section, which is travelled by many commuters and homeowners every single day.

    Oct 8, 2010: I got a notice todayfrom DPW that Punch Bowl Rd will be resurfaced Oct 12-29. Yayyyyy!!

    End of Oct 2010: They have milled the road.... That's a start!

  • 99 Greenbank Rd Boonton, NJ 07005, USA - Morris County
    Greenbank Road at the Parsippany/Boonton border is in absolutely horrible condition. There are craters all over the roadway, and water flows across and freezes, making a bad situation even worse. This was reported to the County 6 months ago and not one shovelful of cold patch has even been applied.
  • 232-260 Howard Blvd Mt Arlington, NJ 07856, USA - Mount Arlington
    Potholes in the middle of the southbound side of Howard Blvd just before Oneida. Patched but still horrible.
  • Meeker Road bernardsville, NJ - Bernardsville
    Going down Meeker Road by the RR tracks, there is no gutter for rain and water runoff. And the water pools at the RR tracks.In the winter, the road is always icy. Steep hill and icy road, a bad mix.
  • Millbrook Ave NJ - Morris County
    People exiting off of Route 10 West on to Millbrook rarely stop and cruise thru stop sign making a quick right and quick left on to Quaker Church usually without regard for anyone else. It occurs mostly in afternoon or evening as morning grid-lock and traffic flow cuts down on it. Cops could make their entire yearly budget by getting stop sign violators here. Dangerous and chaotic.
  • 1 Mt Olive Rd Budd Lake, NJ 07828, USA - Budd Lake
    The sign that designates that left turn/ straight thru traffic should be switched to left turn only lane and the straight/right turn lane become one. To sit in traffic for two to three lights just to cross over Rt 46 while traffic flows free to turn right is an issue, especially after church services end. Also then give the left turn only lane a delay light to allow more than one or two cars the ability to turn West to lower the traffic load at the intersection.
  • Bartley Rd NJ - Morris County
    This 3-way intersection is dangerous because no one has a stop sign and the only cars traveling toward Mount Olive on Bartley Road have a yield. This is because of the train tracks that are never used during the day, that prevent the extra stop sign that would make this intersection safer. Be careful!
  • Reger Rd Succasunna-Kenvil, NJ 07876 - Succasunna-Kenvil
    There are many potholes in this area that force you to cross the double yellow line to avoid them.
    Also the lines need to be repainted in this area. They are worn to the point where thay are nearly invisible.
    Curbing or some other barrier needs to be added to this area. There is frequently debris in the road, mainly rocks, the roll down the banks of dirt that line this road. I blew a tire & bent a rim last year because of a rock.
  • road surface Archived
    136 Shippenport Rd NJ 07850 - Roxbury
    the entire road needs to be paved, it's very hard to have a smooth ride on this road