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  • road surface Archived
    136 Shippenport Rd NJ 07850 - Roxbury
    the entire road needs to be paved, it's very hard to have a smooth ride on this road
  • 164 South St Morristown, NJ 07960 - Morristown
    There are pt holes at every manhole going down s. street. This means that cars need to avoide the manholes which means going into the other lane sometimes
  • Bartley Rd NJ - Morris County
    This 3-way intersection is dangerous because no one has a stop sign and the only cars traveling toward Mount Olive on Bartley Road have a yield. This is because of the train tracks that are never used during the day, that prevent the extra stop sign that would make this intersection safer. Be careful!
  • Traffic light Archived
    101-109 U.S. 46 Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Dover
    Since reopening of the ramps for Rt. 15 traffic has been horrible on Rt. 46. There are days when I am stuck in traffic before Dover General (east bound side). I know they are doing work on the bridge but there has to be something they can do to make the traffic a little more bareable. Maybe turn the right only lane at Pequannock St. back to a regular lane. Then at least 2 lanes of traffic would be able to go through the intersection after the light. This would also clear up some congestion for the people coming into 46 from the new 15 ramp.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    U.S. 46 Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA - Morris County
    Right after underpass for Lackawana Ave exit there is a huge pot hole in the exit lane that needs to be filled. Flat tires galore!
  • 650-698 U.S. 202 Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA - Morris Plains
    The no parking on Speedwell Ave needs to be more effectively enforced by Police. Between 4-6pm no parking is the posted law to allow traffic heading south to move along. I have called the Police to many times, they should be doing enforcement regularly to promote safety. Where are they?
  • lots of potholes and bumps Morris st from train station through overpass of rt 287
  • 1 Mt Olive Rd Budd Lake, NJ 07828, USA - Budd Lake
    The sign that designates that left turn/ straight thru traffic should be switched to left turn only lane and the straight/right turn lane become one. To sit in traffic for two to three lights just to cross over Rt 46 while traffic flows free to turn right is an issue, especially after church services end. Also then give the left turn only lane a delay light to allow more than one or two cars the ability to turn West to lower the traffic load at the intersection.
  • Intersection Of Howard Blvd. & Rt. 46 Kenvil NJ - Mount Arlington
    Once the left turning green arrow dissapears, drivers continue turning left onto Rt. 46 East from Howard Blvd. I've seen daily "almost accidents" as they are not yielding to traffic driving straight through. People tell me they think they do not have to yield as they still have a "green light" but the green left arrow is gone. Someone needs to do something about this before someone gets hurt or killed.
  • Green Pond Road Rockaway - Morris County

    There are at least eleven (11) street lights that are not working along County Road - Route 513 AKA Green Pond Road from Route 80 north to Route 23. Green Pond Road is recognized as a treacherous road in all weather conditions, many people have died on this road for different reasons and having street lights not working is not acceptable and is a huge public safety hazard. The County should be informed and someone should make them repair the lights.

    The road travels through Rockaway Boro, Rockaway Township and Jefferson Township.

  • 200 Baldwin Road Parsippany, NJ - Morris County
    When trying to exit parking lot for stores on Baldwin Road in Parsippany (Mandees, R&S Strauss) drivers' view is extremely limited due to a small brick wall and bushes that are located on the property of the Baldwin Manor apartments, 200 Baldwin Road, Parsippany. On-coming traffic is coming fast (although it is supposed to be 25 mph) around a bend and the brick wall and shrubs block vision until oncoming cars are only a short distance away. While focusing on seeing around the wall, cars are also coming at you from the Rt. 46 Baldwin Road exit and from the church parking lot across the street.
  • pothole Archived
    810-960 U.S. 46 Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA - Morris County
    there's a big pothole that's getting bigger for months now at Route 46 W at the exit ramp of Dunkin donuts. This makes for dangerous merging because cars really drive SLOW due do this pothole on the highway.