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  • 13 Plaza Dr Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Goodwill has a lot of people who park by the curb right in front of the main entrance. The same goes for the property where RetailPro. Because of this, cars that need to turn left or right from Parkshore Dr to Plaza Dr, have no visibility of oncoming traffic due to all the parked cars. I've been in situations where I was almost hit, specially when it's really bright out, and seen other cars almost being hit. We need either a three way stop sign, or a roundabout . This is really dangerous specially since all the new homes that are being built on Parkshore will only bring in more traffic at that intersection.
  • 101 Glenn Dr Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    There has been many occasions that homeless people are sleeping outside the joining wall of my property and the cities. I would the the bush overgrowth cleared out so people will be visible from the street and not sleep there.
  • Homeless camp Archived
    470-476 Blue Ravine Rd Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Homeless encampment off bike trail along blue ravine across from folsom middle school. Large amounts of trash accumulating for past two weeks. Now two shopping carts parked on side of trail with trash in them and visible camp from trail near creek.
  • 1124-1148 Riley St Folsom, CA, 95630, USA - Folsom
    Well established Illegal commune campsite approx 50 yards into green belt off Lembi Park soccer field. Tents/structures, Furniture of all types, containers of all types, pile of bikes/parts, tiki torches etc., etc., photo depicts entrance into campsite but more tents/shelters stretch further back inside this green belt area.
  • Intersection Of Parkshore Drive And Plaza Drive Folsom, California - Folsom
    Traffic hazard is created because people park along the curbs right up to the intersection at Goodwill and Tricks Gymnastics along Plaza and Parkshore making it difficult to see traffic when turning from Parkshore onto Plaza.Traffic on Parkshore and Plaza has increased substantially with the Parkshore and Farmhouse home development and people cutting through on Parkshore from Blue Ravine - Folsom Blvd. No parking signs or a no parking red curb are needed at / near the intersection to improve safety.
  • Parkshore Drive Folsom, California - Folsom
    I live in the Woodside complex off of Parkshore Drive and across the street from the new Black Pine development. There is no stop sign when you leave the Black Pine development going onto Parkshore Drive! Also, the speed limit on Parkshore Drive is designated at 40 mph which I feel is too fast for such a narrow road, one that is used by people walking their dogs or taking their kids out in strollers for walks. Could the speed limit be lowered to 30 mph or lower? Also, cars are still being parked alongside Plaza Dive near Parkshore, and it is still causing visibility problems when you drive onto Plaza Drive. No stopping signs were recently put up, but drivers are still parking there. What if you were to paint the curbside red? I'm sure that would catch the eyes of these drivers who seem impervious to the signs... Just a suggestion.
  • Junk/Debris Archived
    452-468 Blue Ravine Rd Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    Just off trail
  • 625 Sutter St Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom
    There is homeless camp with tarp structure in ravine off Gold Creek bridge on Orangevale Ave. Mattress also laying on side hill. Debris around corner on American River Canyon Drive.
  • 1100 Riley St Folsom, CA, 95630, USA - Folsom
    Transient depicted in photo foreground guarding exorbitant amount of junk moved from illegal campsite green belt area adjacent to Lembi Park Tennis court. Claim is it is in preparation of city removal of illegal campsites in wetland area. Belief is that items placed on city park property won’t be removed. Once illegal campsites are surveyed it’s a short walk to move the items right back down to green belt area and new camp site re-established. Further down to volleyball court another transient moved his tent from his illegal green belt campsite a short distance up onto Lembi park property for same reasons. These guys are organized. Heads up if your playing tennis, pickle ball, soccer, or volleyball on lower Lembi park. It’s unsightly on the surface, very concerning from a safety standpoint.
  • 823 Wales Dr Folsom, California - Folsom
    Drivers going in to Starbucks in Wales dr. are making unsafe and illegal turns in and out of the exit right before the light at Wales. They are either turning left across a double yellow line and waiting to merge into traffic while they are in the westbound turn lane. Or drivers coming east are crossing the double yellow line and waiting in the westbound turn lane that is for the aquatic center. It is hazardous and unsafe. It’s only a matter of time before someone causes and accident. A friend of mine riding his bike was almost hit by a driver that was coming out of that Starbucks.
  • 1325 Riley St Folsom, CA, 95630, USA - Folsom
    Transient items left at Lembi Park picnic table behind snack bar everyday. Drug activity reported to Folsom PD this morning. This area can’t be utilized by citizens due to the constant presence of transients. Camping at park at night is a violation of city ordinance.
  • 616 Reading Street Folsom, CA 95630, United States of America - Folsom
    To the new homeless camp in granite park... can you prosecute for a stolen shopping cart? Please. I know I pay too much to the city to warrant this casual attitude towards something that effects my home and my family.