David Crouse

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2017-03-31

West Side Water Hill

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 200 West Kingsley Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    I previously reported that this intersection needed crosswalk painting last winter. I was told it would be completed in March but there is still no crosswalk. This is a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians that is frequently trafficked and is on desperate need of traffic calming. My own car has been rear ended here and I have a video of many cars running through the intersection at a rate far higher than the posted speed. It's natural for a driver to do this as many drivers come from Plymouth to Broadway to this stretch of Kingsley to get to Miller as they cut through town. The speed limit on Plymouth and Broadway are both much higher and almost no drivers are adjusting their speed. This is compounded by the hill going down in the direction of traffic that makes it very difficult for cars to see pedestrians. And most of the time when they see them they are going to fast to stop. Please repaint this crosswalk and install traffic calming measure and practice targeted enforcement here. This has been going on for a really long time. Thank you.
  • 420 Miller Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    This place need to be torn down. Dangerous spot for squatters
  • 212 Felch Ann Arbor, MI - Ann Arbor
    Cars parked in tow away zone. This illegal parking occurs daily.
  • Trash on lawn Archived
    100-198 N 1st St Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    Not sure what this should go under but a chronic offender. City code forbids this; looks cluttered. Craigslist better option.
  • 117-199 Felch St Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    Erosion control and debris is blocking drain
  • Other issue Archived
    300 N. Main St. Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    BP Gas station on the corner of Catherine and Main Street has had a broken Air pump for three years. When I asked the attendant why it was always broken he said "They keep breaking it" I asked him who they were, and he said "the people who use it" or his customers.
    This is a clear violation of community standards in spirit if not in fact. One shold not be allowed to run a service station and deny service to byciclists just because they don't use gas. Additionally automobiles that drive on low air pressure tires burn more gas and pollute the air more.
  • West Park Playground Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    There are 4-5 adults sleeping under trees right next to the west park playground. They have sheets and suitcases and appear to be living in the park.
  • 121 W Washington St Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    Alley next to Cafe Zola is just one of hundreds or thousands of locations around town with the tag "Timbre." Please clean up and try to stop this vandalism.
  • Other issue Acknowledged
    503 N Ashley St. Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Please consider adding a WRONG WAY sign at the Kingsley and N Ashley intersection. There seems to be a lot more accidental traffic turning right from N. Ashley onto Kingsley heading wrong way east....a lot of near misses!
  • 709/711 4th Ave Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Someone dumped a load of asphalt debris along the curb on the east side of N 4th between 709 and 711. The street sweeper cleaned around the pile rather than removing it reporting it. Yesterday, someone threw the chunks of asphalt up on the extension, probably so they could park there. Please have this unsightly debris removed as soon as possible.
  • Huron Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Ornamental Plantings next to curb and crosswalks block view of fast moving traffic for pedestrians in crosswalk. Special hazard towards children.
  • Other issue Acknowledged
    Ann Arbor MI, USA - Ann Arbor
    Cross walks being applied to streets are slippery especially when there is a snowfall happening. Having wide slick patches of paint on the ground where people are supposed to be able to safely walk is a slip hazard. There are ways to make these markings rough, I do not understand why the City would not choose to use the safe street markings. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoplastic_road_marking_paint