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  • 601-899 Lemon St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Large trash dump in street
  • 869-899 Sereno Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Railroad crossing of Sereno Drive, as far as the eye can see in both directions is a continuous trash pile. Examination of the trash adjacent to and on the sidewalk shows a preponderance of liquor bottles of all sizes. At 11am, a man lying in a sleeping bag against the Kaiser fence was drinking, three men in the adjacent shopping center parking lot were drinking. A couple in bed of pickup next to the adjacent liquor store were drinking from a brown-bagged liquor bottle. I'm wondering what these people and the owners/landlords of this property have done to secure exemption from state laws about public drunkenness, and disorderly behavior.

    Having attracted a large, high quality, medical facility to our city, why do we insult it by failing to enforce law and decency right next to its front door? It's hard to believe that someone isn't trying to sabotage Vallejo's revival.

  • 201-299 Carolina Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Illegal dumping, along with vehicle, see photo, no plates on trailer and expired registration on car. The vehicle is associated with the trailer and may not be there as it seems to come and go occasionally.
  • 600 Florida St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    homeless encampment and trash behind yellow building on corner of Sonoma Blvd and Florida just up Maxwell alley from Sonoma Blvd.
  • 310 Wilson Avenue Vallejo - Vallejo
    People living out of car. Another car comes up and they go inside and leave trash all over the sidewalk. Vehicle has been sitting more than 14 days.
  • 505 Santa Clara St Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The old Post Office does not have a searchable address so I used the Library's Address to locate the position, but drug the pinpoint across the street to the location. There has been people camping out under the post office's side porch area. There is constantly trash left there even when there is no one there.
  • 201-227 Mare Island Way Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Encampment @ south waterfront park has been there for WEEKS, along with accompanying trash, debris and abandoned shopping carts. Has code enforcement taken a hiatus? Why aren't these folks being moved on?
  • 11 Alabama St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Trash dumped on vacant lot
  • 2 Saint Francis Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Today, we saw a private street sweeping company illegally dumping the trash that they had swept up in the vegetated area across the street from Saint Francis Drive.(next to the intersection of Tennessee and Wilson) After he dumped the trash he then proceeded to through the rest of his garbage that was in the cab of the sweeper out the window. The license plate number of the street sweeper vehicle is 93751G1 (CA plates). I am very tired of people thinking that they can just dump trash anywhere they feel. But it also does not help the situation when the city of Vallejo piles mounds of sand and dirt in the empty lot, I am sure this gives a lot of people the impression that it is OK to dump your trash there. The picture below is of the street sweeper. I have additional photos of the sweeper in the act of dumping, and of the trash in which was dumped, unfortunately click fix will only allow one picture to be downloaded. I hope someone will act upon this information and hold this company accountable, and not just say "sorry, can't do anything about it." Please have this trash and debris removed.
  • 27-37 14th Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Lately there’s been more than one vehicle parked on the side of 13th st with trash thrown everywhere, fights between the homeless have happened and even when the school gets out there yelling at the kids that have to walk past. They’re coming on to my property to take stuff. I’ve caught it on security cameras the last few weeks.
    One car has two dogs tied to the front of it sitting outside in the sun and just piles of trash on it.
  • 31 Ohio St Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Bags of trash, loose trash and mattresses in vacant lot.
  • 150-198 14th St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    In vacant lot that was once closed off.. across from Safeway on Georgia and 14th...trash everywhere...this town is disgusting anymore no one helps or cleans..