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  • Mare Island Way Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    The residents of this city are fed up with a down tired of this filth and homelessness in this city.
    It’s all you see in Vallejo everywhere you look bums, vagrants, trash, encampments on private and public property. Increased crime, theft, vandalism and drug use. Needles, urine and feces left behind pose a Biohazard and threat to to health and safety of the community. Something needs to be done NOW to curb this epidemic.
  • Wilson Ave Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    This public park has become an out of control jungle of overgrowth and homeless encampments mixed in with trash.
    Homeless using bbq to cook, daily collecting junk and trash and hoarding it in a public space.
    Unacceptable blight that the relic this city don’t deserve to see. Why would anyone want to do business in Vallejo when you see sites like this around town.
    We need to hold these folks accountable for littering, trespassing, illegal camping.
    When and if there is a fire make them pay for it!
  • 656 Benicia Rd Vallejo 94591, United States - Vallejo

    Benicia Rd just east of I-80. Homeless encampment has grown to unaccounted level. Trash and debris all around the area.

    Unsafe for customers of the local businesses.

  • 124 Plaza Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The man sleeping at the bus stop is releasing his bodily waste on the city street. Trash is being thrown into the intersection. My car was hit by his flying debis. This is a hazard to motorists and people walking on the city street. This trash on the street is assisting the rodent population. Please have this man removed.
  • 601-899 Lemon St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Large trash dump in street
  • 501 Sereno Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    This entire area between the railroad tracks and Walmart Neighborhood Market is literally a cesspool of bums and out of control vagrancy alone with drug use, trash, litter, indecent exposure, general filth etc.
    Littering in the Walmart parking lot and dumping on the railroad tracks.
    The hard working tax paying residents of this city demand action now!
    Enough talk, action now, please.
    Law enforcement needs to clean out ot only this area but this entire end of town. Check for outstanding warrants and sexual predator status.
    The residents of this city deserve better than this.
    This is going on all over this city, why would anyone want to do business here?
    This city is stagnant but so much potential but it’s wasted due to poor leadership and lack of ambition.
  • 201 Lincoln Road West Valle, California - Vallejo
    Vagrants, trash, bikes, under west side of Magazine St overpass, on the other side as well at times.
    In the past they have threatened and intimidated passerby as well as throwing items.
    Clear encampment, then completely Fence off area under overpass.
    Every problem has a solution, we need to keep pressure on city officials to solve this problem.
  • 201-299 Carolina Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Illegal dumping, along with vehicle, see photo, no plates on trailer and expired registration on car. The vehicle is associated with the trailer and may not be there as it seems to come and go occasionally.
  • 869-899 Sereno Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Railroad crossing of Sereno Drive, as far as the eye can see in both directions is a continuous trash pile. Examination of the trash adjacent to and on the sidewalk shows a preponderance of liquor bottles of all sizes. At 11am, a man lying in a sleeping bag against the Kaiser fence was drinking, three men in the adjacent shopping center parking lot were drinking. A couple in bed of pickup next to the adjacent liquor store were drinking from a brown-bagged liquor bottle. I'm wondering what these people and the owners/landlords of this property have done to secure exemption from state laws about public drunkenness, and disorderly behavior.

    Having attracted a large, high quality, medical facility to our city, why do we insult it by failing to enforce law and decency right next to its front door? It's hard to believe that someone isn't trying to sabotage Vallejo's revival.

  • River Park Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Stocky bald and sometimes violent guy that spreads trash through out the neighborhood from apartment dumpsters has been camping at river park whom also rotates living and trashing on the lots on each side a Farragut at mare Island way. Please site this blighted person whom constantly does illegal dumping etc.. All that is being done is telling him to move and thus here we are again with no progress and wasting our resources with no real solution
  • 600 Florida St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    homeless encampment and trash behind yellow building on corner of Sonoma Blvd and Florida just up Maxwell alley from Sonoma Blvd.
  • 310 Wilson Avenue Vallejo - Vallejo
    People living out of car. Another car comes up and they go inside and leave trash all over the sidewalk. Vehicle has been sitting more than 14 days.