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  • 100-154 E Lancaster Ave Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    There needs to be a left turn signal when turning onto S Wayne Ave.
  • Sproul Rd At S Bryn Mawr Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    This intersection is the worst, the turn lanes need to be longer, and right turn lanes should be added.
  • 114 Petrie Avenue Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    There are a couple of streetlights out along Petrie Avenue. We've had several cars broken into overnight this past summer. Streetlights would be a great deterrent.
  • Malin Rd And Bryn Mawr Ave Radnor, PA - Newtown Square
    This intersection is the site of near misses everyday as people on Malin Road try to negotiate turns. There is no visibility onto Bryn Mawr Avenue and because of the offset of the hills, the sections of Malin Road do not line up. It results in a free for all of turning methods. This morning (2/15), in one cycle of the light, there were almost 3 accidents due to the issues of cars turning.
    The light needs to be changed to allow each side of Malin Rd to move separately.
  • 356-374 Malin Rd Newtown Square, PA 19073, USA - Newtown Square
    There was a speed hump put in about 40 feet from the Stop sign at Malin and Barren Roads. Malin Road is a highly traveled secondary artery which acts as a border between Newtown and Radnor townships and extends into Broomall. It inconveniences law abiding citizens who follow the posted 25 MPH speed limit. I have witnessed vehicles drive over the hump going no more than 20 mph and damage was caused to the undersides of those vehicles. Heighten a police presence in the area and ticket speeders but don't inconvenience hard working tax payers with unwanted speed humps!
  • 759 County Line Rd Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    If you are travelling west on Haverford Ave and want to make a left turn onto Bryn Mawr Ave at the Wawa it is very dangerous because the opposing traffic has a green light that is extended by a few seconds with no sign indicating this. So because there is no left turn arrow you generally inch out into the intersection and wait for the light to turn yellow / red, and then start to make your turn, without knowing that the opposing light has stayed green for a few extra seconds meaning that opposing cars keep barrelling through the interesection as your light is turning red.
  • 713 E Lancaster Ave Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    cars headed east on lancaster avenue use the left turn only (onto king of prussia) to get into the 476 N. turn lanes.
  • Sugartown Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    Intersection of Sugartown/Old Eagle School Road and Route 30
  • Sugartown Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    For some reason the east and west-bound left turn arrow lights are not lined up, so that if you are going west on Lancaster you get the light first, but going East there's no arrow until the end of the cycle. This is very dangerous because if someone is going west and trying to turn on the yellow (after the arrow has ended) they'll end up stuck in the intersection while oncoming traffic continues. I cannot fathom why the green arrows are not in sync.
  • Sproul Rd Villanova, PA 19085, USA - Radnor Township
    Plantings on triangle (yellow daylilies) at Route 30 and Sproul Rd. are too tall. View of oncoming traffic is blocked when making right turn onto Sproul Rd.
  • 101-215 S Bryn Mawr Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    as you travel west on haverford rd and go to make a left onto bryn mawr ave there should really be a left turn arrow and jump at this light. there have been too many accidents here over the years that could have been prevented by this fix.
  • 253 N Radnor Chester Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    There should be a crosswalk here for all the Radnor High School students that park in the parking lot or walk home.