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  • Darby Paoli Road Between Goshen And Briarwood Radnor Township, PA - Radnor Township

    Seriously going to cause an accident by people swerving to avoid!!!!!


  • 146-198 Garrett Avenue Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    it does not sense traffic on garret road to make a right or left onto conestoga road in the morning or the evening. There is a no turn on red there. There is no traffic on conestoga road at these times. can someone please fix? It needs to sense the traffic on garret or don't make the conestoga light that long.
  • Pothole Archived
    1000 E Lancaster Ave Radnor/Rosemont, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    Lancaster near Airdale huge pothole on right lane. Both right wheels damaged.
  • Pot hole Archived
    678-680 S Bryn Mawr Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    Large pot hole on Bryn Mawr Ave.
  • 424 Church Road Wayne, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    This intersection is extremely dangerous for people traveling east on Church Road. You can barely see if anyone is about to enter from St. Davids Road based on the hill there, added to the fact anyone turning left from Darby Paoli has the right-of-way, it's next to impossible to judge whether you are safe to proceed through the intersection. The visibility constraints and traffic flow should definitely warrant a 3-way / all-way stop here.
  • 771 Lancaster Avenue Villanova, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    Again the lights are not timed correctly. In the AM Weekday hours there is no traffic westbound on 30 and none sitting at Hillside Circle, so why do folks have to wait for the light to change getting onto 476 northbound. The light should sense there are more then 2 cars there sitting to go northbound 476 or the lights in that are should go green once going green at Radnor Chester road and 30.
  • 275 S Bryn Mawr Ave Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    sidewalk is completely useless between wawa and radwyn apartments on South Bryn Mawr Ave
  • 700 Pennsylvania 320 Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    Right as you cruise north through the intersection there are two big potholes with about a 1 foot channel of intact pavement between them. Should you fail to tight rope one set of wheels over this bridge you will definitely know it.
  • 153 Landover Rd Radnor Township, PA - Radnor Township
    There are a couple of potholes at the entrance to the Radwyn apartments. They appear to be on the street and not on the Radwyn's property.
  • Intersection Of Conestoga Road & Sproul Road - Radnor Township
    This light gets very backed up. I have sat here many mornings through 2 & 3 light changes! A left turn signal is needed!
  • 1508-1598 E County Line Rd Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    Although there is a stop sign at E. County Line Rd and N. Ithan Ave. behind Villanova stadium, it is not paid attention to. People turning from E. County Line Rd. onto N. Ithan Ave to get to N. County Line Rd. bear right as if there is no sign. Very dangerous.