Radnor Township Highwayas

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  • Deep Potholes Archived
    230 Sugartown Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    Deep pot holes on both sides of Route 30 on Sugartown Rd and Old Eagle School Rd. Some approx. 4 inches deep and as wide as 3 ft.
  • 800-816 E Lancaster Ave Radnor Township, PA - Radnor Township
    Turning left from Lancaster Ave to Sproul is very difficult and dangerous in heavy traffic. Waiting over two lanes of oncoming traffic can cause unnecessary delays, and oncoming traffic occasionally runs yellow/red lights, making it more difficult to turn. Oncoming traffic that waits to turn left from Lancaster Ave onto Spring Mill frequently obstructs the view, making it even more difficult. A left turn arrow or other assistance would be helpful.
  • Newtown Road S Of Conestoga Villanova, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
  • 600-658 Lincoln Highway Wayne, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    Deep pothole in the right hand land at the traffic light.
  • 20-98 Devonwood Road Radnor Township CDP, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    Need NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER on Devonwood Rd. You cannot see around parked cars to safely turn from South Devon on to Devonwood.
  • Approach To Intersection With Lancaster Ave (Us30) In Northbound Lane Of Sugartown Road. Radnor Township, PA - Radnor Township
    Four large, deep holes.