Radnor Township Highwayas

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  • 1508-1598 E County Line Rd Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    Although there is a stop sign at E. County Line Rd and N. Ithan Ave. behind Villanova stadium, it is not paid attention to. People turning from E. County Line Rd. onto N. Ithan Ave to get to N. County Line Rd. bear right as if there is no sign. Very dangerous.
  • 652-654 E Lancaster Ave Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    There are unfilled potholes in the left eastbound lane of Lancaster Ave prior to the I-476 south ramps.
  • Pothole Archived
    104 N Wayne Ave Radnor Township, PA 19087 - Radnor Township
    Pothole on the corner of N Wayne Ave and E Lancaster Ave right in front of the bank.
  • Wayne PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    Large Potholes on the entrance of 422 West
  • Conestoga & S.Devon Wayne PA - Radnor Township
    Throughout the day and night, dogs are barking from inside and outside of house.
  • Chetwynd Dr Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA - Radnor Township
    Another location with curb cuts, but no striped crosswalk. Really dangerous as cars ignore the fact its a pedestrian crossing.
  • Veterans Memorial Highway Villanova, Pennsylvania - Radnor Township
    pothole resulted in flat tire
  • Deep Potholes Archived
    230 Sugartown Rd Wayne, PA 19087, USA - Radnor Township
    Deep pot holes on both sides of Route 30 on Sugartown Rd and Old Eagle School Rd. Some approx. 4 inches deep and as wide as 3 ft.
  • Poplar Ave Township Of Radnor, PA - Radnor Township
    Street light is out
  • Louella Ave & Lancaster Ave Township Of Radnor, PA - Radnor Township
    The pedestrian crossing signal at Louella and Lancaster is ridiculous. The pedestrian presses the button and when the light comes on to walk the vehicles on Louella get a green light at the same time. It makes no sense
  • S Aberdeen Ave Township Of Radnor, PA - Radnor Township
    I see many people walking along this route every day, either for pleasure going to the Radnor Trail, or to the train stations in Wayne and Saint Davids. Unfortunately this somewhat curvy and hilly road has horrible visibility, putting pedestrians at a high likelihood of being hit. A sidewalk with a curb would alleviate this problem and improve our neighborhood!
  • Chamounix Rd Township Of Radnor, PA - Radnor Township
    The sidewalk inexplicably crosses the street here, however there is no crosswalk for this high pedestrian area near the St. Davids train station. Crosswalks would be very useful on both sides of the Chamounix Road railway underpass.