Newton Centre Area

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Newton Centre up to Cleveland Circle

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  • 85 Langley Rd Newton, MA 02459 - Newton
    The traffic lights REALLY need to go back to one intersection at a time, I've nearly been killed a bunch of times by people all charging at once. No one know's who has the right of way the way this intersection is built.
  • 62 Braeland Ave Newton, MA 02459 - Newton
    HUGE pothole at the intersection between Braeland Ave and Herrick Road near the Newton Centre MBTA T stop. It's so big that someone WILL lose a tire there if they aren't careful!
  • 416-492 Hammond Pond Pkwy Newton, MA - Newton
    The current speed limit is nothing but a blatant speed trap/revenue maker for Newton. It is outrageous to have a speed limit of 30 mph on this well paved, well lit, 4 lane road.
  • 76 Halcyon Rd Newtonville, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    Approximate address of completely overgrown house. Unable to pass on sidewalk due to overgrown shrubs and grass. Grass over waist high throughout property, abandoned non-registered automobile in drive way. Open garage full (literally) floor to ceiling and wall to wall with boxes and debris. Dilapidated structure. Appears abandoned. House and garage are a safety hazard and a fire hazard. It is a blight on the neighborhood.
  • Beacon Between Langley And Hammon Pond Parkway - Newton
    One weekday mornings, cars are speeding out of Newton, probably because they were stuck in gridlock through Newton Center. Cars routinely travel in the breakdown lane and use it to pass illegally on the right.
  • Pothole Archived
    Hammondswood Rd. Newton, MA - Newton
    Many potholes deep enough to damage rims and/or tires. Most located on portion of Hammondswood Rd. halfway from Beacon Street on towards Monadnock Rd. This area is a constant pothole area poorly maintained by the town of Newton.
  • 464 Hammond Pond Pkwy Newton, MA 02467 - Newton
    There is a dip in the southbound lanes of Hammond Pond Pkwy about 200yds south of Beacon Street. This has been a problem for years; regular drivers always get in the left lane here, which is a little better.
  • 1-99 Warren Terrace Newton, MA 02459, USA - Newton
    There are several large pot holes in the center of the road on Warren Terrace. Neighbors have tried to fill up the pot holes in the past, but its clear it doesn't work. The road is in awful condition. Please fix it!
  • Pothole Archived
    910 Boylston Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    On the Route 9 roadway, eastbound near that address there are several holes which have been unaddressed for about two years, forcing motorists to swerve to avoid them. There are two holes by the entrance to the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association, and another about 200 feet further east.
  • At the stop light, just after you go through the intersection of 9 and Hammond. It's in the middle, so keep right or left. Sort of smallish, but nice and deep. Can be a real shocker.
  • 332-366 Commonwealth Ave Chestnut Hill, MA 02467, USA - Newton