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  • 80 Windsor Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Broke. latch at playground
  • Haverford Avenue Narberth, PA - Narberth
    Saturday evening, 7/15.
    It is imperative to empty the trash on weekends in an active business district. These gross trash cans detract from anything charming in our downtown.
  • Trash Archived
    Haverford Avenue And N. Narberth Avenue Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    overflow trash on Wednesday (sounding like a broken record in Narberth)
  • Streets Archived
    100 N Narberth Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Safety hazard-- uncovered utility access hole on sidewalk
  • 117 Woodside Ave. Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    The latch on the playground gate is broken. It is important that parents can secure the gate so their children don't run into the street. It is also important that cats cannot get in to use the sand as a litter box. Cat feces can spread toxoplasmosis which is a danger to pregnant mothers and unborn babies.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    201-205 South Narberth Avenue Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    These overgrown bushes render the sidewalk useless. Also, in a car they are very hard to see around if you're on Woodside and want to look to your left before proceeding.
  • Miscellaneous Archived
    303 Woodbine Avenue Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    I am reporting the home of 303 Woodbine Ave.:trash & junk all over lawn. Also, outdoor porch- lots of debris,junk, etc. An eyesore to the neighborhood
  • 221 Price Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Roof on play structure at Sabine Avenue children's play area had hole in it large enough to trap a child's head. There are protruding nails on the corner of the roof. The interior under the roof has deteriorating plywood that could give a severe splinter to a child.
  • 1-17 Haverford Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Dangerous electrical outlet baseball dugout is broken from wall with wiring exposed.
  • Parking Archived
    203 Forrest Ave Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    Parking enforcement is wholly inconsistent and unfair on Forrest. We have a number of babysitters who come on different days and I can't possibly register each of their plates for the visitor "pass", each time they come. Instead, I give them a paper notice to place on their dashboard to alert the officer. Up until last week, no sitter had ever been ticketed and so I assumed this method was working. Now that a ticket was issued last week, I went to the borough office to inquire and get the ticket reversed assuming that residents get exceptions/understanding. The opposite applied. Point is - if ticketing enforcement was consistent (and "systematic" as I was told) then our sitters would have received a ticket a long time ago. It's completely unfair that downtown visitors, yoga students, train commuters get to park in front of my house (all day illegally, ticket or no ticket) and I have to park at the middle to the end of the street with two toddlers and groceries/bags. And now, I have to pay my babysitters' tickets. Either enforce the parking laws or refund my ticket out of principle.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    128 Chestnut Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Cover to storm water runoff pit is coming off again. Very dangerous. Can this be secured better for the long haul?
  • Sidewalks Archived
    301-303 Chestnut Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    The heavy metal cover to the water intake opening at S Narberth and Chestnut is dislodged and the pit below is almost completely accessible. Very dangerous.