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  • 212 Elm Terrace Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth

    Sabine Park hillside of 10000000 sticks

    Would someone please remove the 50 years of fallen sticks and branches from the hillside along Montgomery Avenue?

  • Parking Archived
    214 Price Avenue Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    Why do my roommate and I keep getting parking tickets? We live in Narberth, we park on the street like everyone else. But for some reason, maybe it's our South Dakota license plates, we keep getting parking tickets. Nobody else gets parking tickets in the row of cars parked on the same street, and those cars have been parked there, if not longer, as long as we have. This is complete horseshit.
  • Parking Acknowledged
    United States Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    Cars parked illegally on Haverford near Conway
  • Trash Archived
    240 Haverford Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    There has been no pick up on N Narberth Ave.
  • Streets Archived
    212 Elm Terrace Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth

    Sabine Ave parking lot is not a dumping ground

    The back corner of the parking lot is accumulating a lot of litter and giant piles of litter/junk/debris. This is our neighborhood and it looks like an abandoned lot. Please respect the neighbors and stop dumping crap here!

  • 80 Windsor Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Broken Gate Latch
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    130 Merion Ave. Narberth Pa 19072 - Narberth
    Shrub and tree overgrowth from the rear of this property is partially blocking the Rockland Avenue sidewalk. Pedestrians may end up walking on the curb edge, which can be dangerous as cars pass by, especially at dusk and at night.
    I first reported this to Ms. Marshall in November of 2016.
    It would be nice if we could now trim back tree branches and shrubbery to the inside edge of the sidewalk.
    Thank you.
  • 327 Windsor Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Looks like they scrapped off the stickers and moved the truck up a few feet.
  • Street Signs Archived
    103 Foxhall Ln Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    The stop sign at Sabine and essex, headed towards Dudley, is hidden by trees. Very unsafe, near accident.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    103 Foxhall Ln Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    The sidewalks on Wynnewood Road, approaching the park from Sabine, are horrendous. Specifically the curbs at driveways and at Narwyn Cul de Sac are absolutely not ADA Compliant. Unable to push my mother in Law in wheelchair to park, it is so scary walking with a toddler on one side and pushing stroller with other hand because you have to pop the stroller up, over into the street and down onto sidewalk at Narwyn. PLEASE PLEASE address this!! I've been raising the issue for two years. I am willing and happy to do anything necessary to help make the case that this is extremely dangerous and notADA compliant, which is frustrating given its proximity to the park. Thanks.
  • Miscellaneous Archived
    303 Woodbine Avenue Narberth, Pennsylvania - Narberth
    The outside of this house is a trash dump. A tire has been sitting on front lawn for over a year. The open outdoor porch is piled with with large amount junk. House is a blight to the street.
  • 2-64 Windsor Ave Narberth, PA 19072, USA - Narberth
    Graffiti on NICE trail