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  • 60-64 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    Pedestrian crossing missing across Walden St at the intersection with Richdale Ave on the north side of the intersection. (The other three pedestrian crossings, two across Richdale Ave on either side of Walden St, and one across Walden St on the south side of the intersection, are present.) This is a particularily popular intersection for commuters walking to Porter Sq. Adding the fourth pedestrian crossing would increase safety of existing crosswalks by preventing vehicles from being parked close to the intersection along Walden St, thereby increasing visibility. It would also make corner store more easily accessible, increasing number of visitors, making the neighborhood livelier and more pleasant. Already existing speed limits, speed limit sign on Walden St approaching the intersection from the north, length of plateau on commuter rail overpass, and already existing all-way stop signs ensure that vehicle operators coming from north can safely yield to pedestrians at proposed crosswalk.
  • 1702 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02138, United States - Neighborhood 9
    The crosswalk light at Mass Avenue and Garfield is out and has been out for two days. A lot of families rely on this traffic light to cross for school.
  • 5 Upland Rd Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9
    snow in bike jug handle
  • 91 Sherman Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    The traffic signal at this location no longer working. It is always just flashing yellow light.
    It is now very hard to cross the street to the Danehy park. There is also an elementary school here : (the Cambridge Montessori school).
  • 36 Bay State Rd Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9

    We live in Bay State Road and we are very happy to see that the renovation work is almost finished. But there are a couple of issues:
    People are not respecting the 20 mph drive limit. They are taking this as an alternative to Concord Ave and we see and hear them go around 40 mph, accelerating greatly just after the Field St lot entrance (even when its a curve).

    This is an issue because THERE IS NO CROSSWALK at the intersection of Bay State and Birch St (between Field St and New St) which creates a makes for a dangerous combination. There are many people with little kids (and without) crossing at the level Bonny's Garden center to get to Imagine, to the Children's Village and of course to Bonny's. And when they get their flowers at Bonny's they have to cross back with their hands occupied, evading cars. Some cars reduce their speed when they see people trying to cross, but most of them don't and that is just an accident waiting to happen.

    What can we do about this, please?

    Traffic calming or an additional crosswalk at the intersection with Birch St and Bay State (or further down closer to the apartments at 42-50 Bay State Rd) should be options on the table. I won't even talk about the noisy Harley motorcycles at 6 am, but talking for all the people with kids it is worrying to see that this street is becoming a highway due to these high speed, infringing cars...

  • 50 Garden St Cambridge 02138, United States - Neighborhood 9

    The May use full lane sign is kind of ancillary because you have to use the full-lane’s a big pinch point for cars with is tight against the first parked ca. It’s dangerous too as cars go to fast there, you need sharrows and you need an earlier warning sign about bikes shifting center

    We can do better here this is the most dangerous part of the stretch

  • 1662 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    Sidewalk stencils designating no sidewalk bicycling are faded or missing. Mass. Ave. from Wendell-Shepard to Russell-Cogswell is a legal no-sidewalk-bicycling zone. Curb cut reconstruction has obliterated some old stencils. As a result, to the disadvantage of pedestrians, sidewalk cycling is on the increase. The stencils are much more effective than posted metal signs, so please replace and maintain them.
  • 30 Lancaster Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    This Nissan suv Mass plate number 3902DA is leaking a river of gasoline onto the street. The area 20 feet around the vehicle reeks of the stench. A lit cigarette tossed out a car window could ignite it and cause a huge fire, possibly even an explosion.
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    16-18 Linnaean St Cambridge MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    SHARROWS for bikes should be painted down Linnaean Street. It would provide a degree of calming and safety for cyclists as cars speed far too fast on this stretch of road, and often bully cyclists in to the curb. Easy fix, let's do it.
  • 505 Ma-2 Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Riley Bros dump truck parked on bike path and sidewalk near Sunoco station and crosswalk to Fresh Pond. Called the state police and they said "maybe they're doing construction" one in the truck. Blocks under one of the front tires.
  • 300 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    I have yet again almost been hit by a car while crossing on Garden Street at the corner of Walden Street. This intersection is highly trafficked by aggressive drivers using it to cut through the neighborhood. I have seen many a near miss and let me remind you there is a school, playground and park located on the corner I am speaking of. The recent new bump out design has exacerbated the situation pushing the pedestrians directly in front of cars that are turning onto Garden Street, worst design. The original intersection design called for a raised four way cross walk along with the bump out, it was not built. You must act before there is a fatality at this intersection.
  • 71-99 Mason Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9

    Vehicle operators often run the red light turning left from Mason St onto Massachusetts Ave when the signal turns green for right turn only. The root of the problem is that there is only one red signal (which is a full circular disk), and operators are not expecting that a green signal would be a right arrow only and thus would not apply to them. See attached photo of Mason St traffic light.

    It would reduce the number of drivers running the red light if there were two separate red lights, with left and right arrows, right above the left and right green arrows, respectively. Walden St at Mass Ave used to have the same problem until it was recently upgraded to such improved lights. See attached photo, right.