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  • 1768a Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Bike hitching post on Mass Ave across the street from Judy Jetson needs repair. Thank you.
  • 36 Waterhouse Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    The PORT a potty by the playground has feces all over floor, a bag of urine hanging from wall and some bottles of alcohol. Since I took my two and four year old in there and well that was horrifying I'd like to spare any other desparate parents
  • 23 Garden Street Cambridge, MA - Neighborhood 9
    This is a brick plaza/ pedestrian walkway which remains unshoveled. It needs to be cleared.
  • Other Archived
    2–4 Linnaean St Cambridge 02138, United States - Neighborhood 9
    Sidewalk obstruction ADA violation
  • 99 Sherman St Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    There is a tremendous amount of garbage in this park, specifically in the area where the snow was dumped over the winter. I would like to lodge a complaint as it is unsightly and hazardous. I would request this area is cleaned and maintained.
  • 36 Waterhouse St Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Poor design no drain
  • 249 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9

    This is just a suggestion for a pedestrian improvement to the Walden/Sherman intersection that could hopefully be done during the planned reconstruction of Walden from Sherman to Garden in FY19.

    Currently, three of the crosswalks in this intersection are set well back from the corners of the intersection (sidewalks on the W, N, and E legs). I wonder if these crosswalks could be moved towards the corners, such that all four crosswalks share curb cuts and tactile paving where they meet at each sidewalk.

    The main reason to make these changes is to improve pedestrian safety: cars often stop beyond the stop bars, which are understandably set far back to allow clear left turns. Cars stopped beyond the stop bars block the crosswalks, which is particularly problematic when pedestrians are trying to access curb cuts. Anecdotally, I have encountered this most often on the northeast crosswalk going from the traffic signal control box toward the Masse Hardware building.

    These changes would also make pedestrians more visible to cars - the current crosswalks “hide” pedestrians from turning cars behind traffic control boxes and utility poles (especially the NE crosswalk I mentioned above). With a new arrangement, pedestrians would be more prominent at the corners, and turning cars wouldn't be surprised when pedestrians are legally crossing. Finally, these changes would give thoroughgoing pedestrians a straighter route across the intersection, rather than having to make several turns to get to the curb cut, cross, and then go back to their previous route on the sidewalk.

    I’ve attached a quick drawing of what this could look like, with the changed elements highlighted in green. I think this avoids all the utility/traffic poles and hydrants in the intersection, but there may be other issues like drains, etc. In any case, thank you for your consideration.

  • 62 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    During rush hour (between 5pm and 6pm), Walden St. comes to a standstill from Hubbard St. towards Mass Avenue because there is right-hand side resident parking taking effect too early. This blocks the right-turning lane (on Walden St.) towards Mass Ave. Traffic would be severely alleviated if cars turning right would have a longer lane to make use of rather than being blocked by parked cars. If residential parking on Walden St from Richdale St. towards Mass Ave. started at 6pm rather than earlier, it would solve the problem.
  • 42 Langdon Street Cambridge, MA 02138, United States of America - Neighborhood 9
    Ok. This is my third complaint. The plowing in Christmas Day was terrible. I get it. It's a holiday. The plowing during and after this storm has been dreadful. It should not take 3 complaints to get a small street decently plowed. Once I receive the notice that the issue has been addressed I go and look. Sadly, there is always a new issue. We have a park/median. We have a place to put snow. The attached photo will show you an issue. The green is the edge of the sidewalk. The blue is all the snow not plowed on the corner at the L of Langdon. I have also already reported the ends of the island being heavy with snow and cars sliding as they try to make a turn. Nothing has gotten better. I get you have a big city and we are a little street but doing it right the first time means not having to keep sending plows back. Thank you for your attention to our street. It truly is appreciated.
  • Bike Rack Request Acknowledged
    281 Concord Avenue Cambridge, MA - Neighborhood 9
    Bike racks needed outside of our business for the public, guests, and employees.
  • Other Archived
    Raymond Park Walden Street, Cambridge, MA 02140-1340, United States of America - Neighborhood 9
    Way too many off leash dogs and dog poop at the kids playground and Raymond park.
  • 149 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9


    Many drivers blow through the Walden/Raymond intersection on Walden heading toward Sherman. This is due to the Stop sign being hidden behind a tree up until a few feet before the intersection.

    See attached photo.

    Please address this issue immediately.