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  • Lark Street Neighborhood Albany, New York - Center Square
    The time has come to retire Larkfest. Anyone who walked the area today and tonight saw our streets, sidewalks, tree beds, front yards and stoops destroyed with trash, food, cigarette butts, broken bottles, spilled alcohol, etc. Other than the bars, many of the businesses say Lark Fest actually decreases their business and certainly does not result in increased revenue. On top of that, tax dollars have to be spent on increased police and DGS presence and overtime. The Executive Director of the BID does not live here, so makes decisions without experiencing the ramifications. Larkfest was intended to be a celebration of what we have to offer, but it hasn't been that for a long time. It merely reinforces the stereotype that all this area has to offer is alcohol which further injures the neighborhood economically and otherwise. Then, when the official "Larkfest" ends, even greater problems of noise, drunkenness, public urination, vomiting, fighting, property destruction, etc. go into full swing until after 4:00 AM bar closings. All told this event negatively affects the area for at least 24 hours. The people who live here, and invest in this community every day, are left to manage this mess with no balancing benefit. The BID needs to show the neighborhood, in unequivocal provable data, how this event helps retail businesses and restaurants (whose primary business is not alcohol, pizza, or ice cream), and how the cost for the event (in time, money, effort, manpower, damage, lost parking, lost street access, lost sleep and quality of life etc.) is worth what it does to the neighborhood and its reputation.
  • 259 Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square

    On an almost daily basis, there are 5-10 particular motorbikes and ATVs speeding on Lark St., at deafening levels, popping wheelies, and often wearing masks. One of the ATV drivers stands on the vehicle as he rides it vertical down the street, unable to see pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. The Mayor's office has stated there are increased patrols in this area as well as plain clothed officers, but there are no signs of either when it comes to this ongoing safety, noise and quality of life issue. It's relatively common knowledge that, almost daily in nice weather, some of the worst noise and safety offenders race down Lark (From the Madison end) popping wheelies down the street toward Central where they are also sometimes seen causing issues, and they have been spotted coming from a side street off Delaware Ave., near Stewarts across from the former Friendly's building (check traffic cameras on Delaware Ave. for Sunday May, 26th between 6:10 PM and 6:45 PM), and they are part of the crew that rides on the sidewalks. One or more of them often has a woman on the back of their vehicle.

    Check the cameras at the intersection of Madison and Lark and all the way down Lark Street (going south to north toward the Armory) for Monday, May 27th. They were directly outside Stacks and Rain at 5:26 PM. popping wheelies as always. Between 5:00-5:05 PM, on May 27th, another of the worst offenders (riding a blue motorbike and wearing a mask from his nose down) rode past the same spot but going north to south towards Madison. And, at 5:42 PM, four more went past also going north to south. Instances like this are reported but the riders are too fast to be caught if APD isn't present when the violations occur. The department has been provided enough information to find the offenders on traffic camera footage and to be waiting for them when they speed by. When it's not raining, try placing a patrol car out of site along the North wall of Rain restaurant (in the parking lot) and typically at least some of the riders will go by. Additional police vehicles could block their way at the end of Lark, toward the armory. Surely APD can out smart and out maneuver these guys with just a little planning and effort.

  • Washington Park Rd Albany, NY 12203, USA - Albany
    the number of people sleeping in Washington Park continues to proliferate. There are now multiple encampments of homeless living in tents throughout the park. As you can see in the pictures, they leave refuse all around their encampments and now actually bathing and in the park. it's amazing that these "Sheehan Shantytowns" are allowed to stay in place. The mayor and the APD are allowing this once pristine city resource to fall into neglect.
  • 298 Lark Street Albany, NY 12210, United States of America - Center Square
    Panhandling is getting out of control on Lark st...especially on weekends. Can't even walk outside or dine at a restaurant sidewalk patio without getting harassed for money.
  • Madison Ave Albany, New York - Albany
    At what point do the Lark Tavern and Lionheart lose the privilege to operate in a mixed-use area? Neither establishment is willing to control itself or its patrons and both incessantly disturb the surrounding community with their customers too frequently also getting into verbal and physical altercations. It's once again hours past time for outdoor areas to be closed and customers and noise to be inside. Police patrols, however, are driving directly past large loud crowds on the patios and sidewalks in front of both establishments, and doing nothing as is typical. Lark Tavern also has its door open again with music amplified throughout the neighborhood. Yes, residents have already called APD. A supervisor needs to train officers to understand and enforce city ordinances while on their patrols without residents having to call to remind APD of its job. This ordinance is simple: Seven days per week, patios in mixed use areas must close by 11:00 PM with doors closed and music and other noise contained inside. Residents of Dana, Madison, Willett and Lark have our quality of life negatively impacted multiple times weekly when we could co-exist fine if establishments would respect the neighborhood in which they do business and follow city laws and ordinances. If they can't do that, their permits should be suspended or revolked. Instead, they thumb their noses because they are allowed to at the expense of many others. And please stop insulting resident and tax payers with the repetitive pat answer: contact 518-438-4000, Joe Lynch and Supervisor Dolan. Exactly how many times do members of APD (and the BID and Common Council Representative, for that matter) need to be told the same thing for it to be addressed in a way that deters it from continuing? The above groups/individuals are already well aware of this problem and fully capable of resolving it. How many citations and fines, for example, has each establishment received for their violations? I'm betting, none. There aren't many jobs where it's considered an acceptable response to tell victims their only recourse is to keep informing the same people of the same issue in perpetuity. We've done our part. The city needs to do it's.
  • 439 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    The Lark St. area is under siege by hideously loud and dangerous motorcycles/bikes/ATVs, including some mask-wearing drivers. It's inexplicable that APD has stated they don't know how to find them. Anyone who spends even minimal time in this area sees and hears these vehicles any given day up until 4:00 AM. They are in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts. They are ripping their motors, speeding and doing wheelies on Lark, Madison and in the park. They are racing down sidewalks, menacing cars and pedestrians, and destroying the quality of life. While APD is not pursuing these violators because that could result in injury, innocent citizens are put at risk for injury or worse multiple times a day/night. At least videotape these noise and safety violations, take down license plates, follow them in plane cars and ticket when they are stopped, install free-standing speed bumps, etc. Please address this deadly situation.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    175 Jay St Albany NY 12210, United States - Center Square
    This trash heap is a persistent problem, but it’s really gotten out of hand. Large apartment building on corner of Jay and Dove. Their trash collection-removal plan seems to consist of this: just dump it all (poorly bagged) out back — in full view of neighborhood. It’s degrading and unsanitary. A years-long problem.
  • 300 Lark Street Albany, NY 12210, United States of America - Center Square
    Dirt bikes and ATVs have been racing up and down Lark Street since 6 pm. We've called APD twice this evening to report it and have been given the usual response of "they'll send someone over" but it hasn't stopped. We can't allow this to continue all summer long again, but local representatives don't seem to care. Councilman Conti is silent yet again.
  • Lark St & Central Ave Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Central Avenue
    For weeks, there have been "encampments" of youth with dogs who hold up signs for money or sit or sleep on the sidewalk with all of their belongings spread out until some of them go sleep in the park where they leave trash and human and animal feces. They are also blocking the sidewalks in some places, and pouring piles of dog food on the sidewalks (see photo) where it draws rats later. The dogs are in extreme heat panting and looking miserable much of the time. It's hot for the people as well, but they have some choice in the matter or can go to the library and such to cool down when the dogs can't. The dogs are also used to solicit money. Is Animal protective services checking on these dogs and what can be done to address the blocked sidewalks, trash, and people setting up camps where pedestrians are trying to walk?Though our councilman continues to do exactly nothing about anything, and the Mayor's Office has abandoned us and our issues go unaddressed, we are still a neighborhood. This wouldn't be tolerated in most other areas of the city.
  • Center Square Area Albany New York - Center Square

    Once again our streets are being closed off and parking made unavailable to residents in the Center Square area for another race/event. Most of us support many charities and a good number of us run in events such as this, but respectfully ask that they be spread out over the city and shared by other neighborhoods.

    We pay very high taxes here, pay additionally for residential parking and often still can't park within any reasonable distance to our homes. People are trying to carry groceries, babies, etc. and elderly residents are trying to simply get to their homes without walking many blocks.

    It's great to have some events here, but it's enough with Tulip Fest, Lark Fest, Pride, Park Playhouse, Santa Speedo, the holiday lights in the park which disrupt parking from Halloween through the New Year, 4th of July Fireworks, etc. It's not too much to ask that the myriad races be shared by other communities including those with garages and off-street parking. We have nowhere to park each time we are displaced for another race and are disproportionately bearing the burden, including having to park in unsafe areas and walk for blocks at night when parking is taken off-line for events.

    People who don't live here may not understand and may think we're being unreasonable, but below are all the areas disrupted for just one of the many events. If any other neighborhood in the city, was subjected to what we are, many times each year, residents would have put a stop to it long ago. The response is often, "If you don't like it move." But the reason this area holds on is, in part, because residents care. We get involved, participate in park and neighborhood clean ups and beautification, sweep and shovel the walks, pick up trash and dog poop, plant flowers, etc. It's fair to spread the impact of all these events.

    Highlight the warehouse district. Let people get to know Pine Hills, Helderberg or Buckingham Pond neighborhoods. Run along our beautiful river, etc. Every event does not have to be held in the most densely populated area of the city and unnecessarily displace hundreds of vehicles over and over throughout the year. The events are not the issue. Good causes are a great thing, but they can occur in more than one location in the city.

    Please neighborhood Presidents, and city officials, advocate for us and for other areas to share the hosting. Thank you.

    One of the MANY similar announcements we receive every year:

    Road Closures and Parking Restrictions for Last Run Winter 5K - Saturday December 8, 2018

    Road Closures:

    The following Roadway will be closed on December 8, 2018 from 10AM-7PM:

    • State Street between South Swan Street and Eagle Street

    The following Roadways will be closed on December 8, 2018 from 3PM-7PM:

    • Washington Avenue from Dove Street to Eagle Street
    • State Street between Lodge Street and Eagle Street
    • Eagle Street between State Street and Pine Street
    • South Swan Street northbound Madison Avenue to Chestnut Street (upper Roadway)
    • Market Street ramp to Eagle Street from Grand Street

    The following roadways will be closed on December 8, 2018 from 4:00PM to 5:45PM:

    • State Street between Robin Street and South Swan Street
    • Willett Street between State Street and Madison Avenue
    • Washington Park, All Park Roadways – Including Henry Johnson Boulevard
    • South Swan Street northbound Madison Avenue to Washington Avenue (Upper and lower roadways)
    • Dove Street southbound at Spring St to State Street
    • Lark Street between Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue
    **Lark St will remain open northbound only between Chestnut Street and Lancaster Street for Chestnut Street residents only
    • Henry Johnson Boulevard between State Street and Madison Avenue
    • Hamilton Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street
    • Jay Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street
    • Lancaster Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street
    • Chestnut Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street

    Parking Restrictions:

    The following Roadways will have Parking Prohibited on December 8, 2018 from 10AM to 7PM:

    • State Street, both sides, from South Swan Street to Eagle Street

    The following Roadways will have Parking Prohibited on December 8, 2018 from Noon to 7PM:

    • State Street, both sides, from Robin Street east 6 spaces on each side
    • Washington Avenue from Swan Street to Eagle Street, both sides restricted
    • Willett Street, both sides, from Hudson Avenue north 4 spaces on each side
    • Washington Park Road, both sides (Hudson Avenue), from Willett Street west to Henry Johnson
    • N. Hawk Street both sides from Elk Street to Washington Avenue
    • Eagle Street both sides from State Street to Elk Street
    • Park Street, both sides from Lancaster Street to State Street
    • Elk Street, both sides from Eagle Street west 5 spaces on each side
    • Lodge Street, west side from Pine Street to State Street
    • State Street , both sides from Eagle Street to Lodge Street

  • Madison Ave & Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    Please Madam Mayor, Chief of Police, BID Members, Neighborhood Association Presidents, and Council Representatives, HELP US. It's miserable in the Dana Ave., Lark, Madison, and Washington Park areas. The Motorcycle noise, loud car stereos and engines, and very dangerous driving by these vehicles, are ruining this area. We can't have our windows open for air. We can't sleep at night. We can't enjoy peace in our homes, or dine outside at area restaurants and it's also very dangerous. Children can't even play outside. These motorcycles, and many off-road vehicles, are speeding, doing wheelies, doing U-turns in the middle of traffic, driving into oncoming traffic, bullying other drivers, driving on the sidewalks, the grass, through the park playground and more. Why is this being allowed? We watch officers witness the behavior and not make any effort to address it, take a photo, take down a license number, NOTHING. When asked why, they say they've been told not to. Why is the safety and quality of life of so many people being put at risk for the possibility of a high speed chase that might never happen? It's absurd, negligent and dangerous.
  • Madison And Willett Albany, New York - Park South
    While walking West on Madison toward Willett, I saw the motorbikes/ATV that have been terrorizing the neighborhood and park for months. Traffic Engineering, please check the cameras at Willett and Madison Ave intersection from between 7:00 and 7:05 PM 8/21/18. You will see four motorbikes/ATV illegally speed around vehicles and run the stop light on Madison at Willett going West. This is so dangerous and they have thus far gone without consequence. Please provide the police with this footage. Someone else on this site already provided the street on which the ATV driver is believed to be living. One of the motorbikes was a bright green and the ATV is orange or red. They are seen in the Center Square and Washington Park area daily. If citizens see them constantly, surely the police can.