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  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    351 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    This disgusting couch has been here for months. Really, months. I appreciate See Click Fix but it is not the public's responsibility to inform the city about things like this. Because the city clearly knows about it. Months. Really.
  • Code Violations Acknowledged
    466 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    The crosswalk in front of the Downtube continues to be dangerous. It has not drained properly for years. It is either a patch of ice that people fall on or people have to go around and not use the safety of the crosswalk. For people with strollers, shopping carts, or disabilities requiring a ramp, they have no option, but to be on ice or wade through water, It's ridiculous that so much money went into Madison Ave., only to make it a traffic nightmare most of the day, but a drainage issue can't get fixed.
  • Other Open
    22 Willett St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Albany
    There is a homeless couple living in the park and storing there belongings all throughout the day near the corner of Willet and State Streets. it is right across the street from 20 Willet. The couple use the park as their bathroom at night and have a permanent camp.
  • Madison Ave. Albany, New York - Albany
    Why is no one addressing the motorcycle noise and speed! This has been going on for a long time tonight. Very loud. Very dangerous. Reported to police but no one came.
  • 102 Willett Albany, New York - Center Square
    Very loud motorcycles and cars are racing, popping wheelies and revving engines up and down Madison and through the park. This has gone on for more than an hour with no response from the police who were called. This goes on nightly. Assign a patrol car or officers on motorcycles to catch and ticket these people.
  • Other Archived
    269 Lark St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    The pan handling is out of control right now. Why aren’t there more police on foot. It’s prime business time and one of Lark Streets biggest clientele is all over the street. The homeless and displaced. I am all for helping but how is anyone supposed to make a living when customers are being harassed for money on their way down the street.
  • Other Acknowledged
    344 State St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    DGS employee sitting in IDLING DGS truck (plate 4463,DGS central) for over 20 minutes at corner of State and Lark. Issue is not the sitting, it is the idling—so wasteful and bad for air / environment.
  • Dunkin' Donuts 439 Madison Ave, Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    The motorbikes and motorcycles are reappearing, riding in large groups, speeding, passing cars illegally, driving the wrong way including in oncoming traffic lanes, doing wheelies through the park and along Madison from Manning to Lark and revving engines loudly at stop lights. Police officers in cars watch them pass without even attempting to pull them over (not talking about a high speed chase). The bikers know they have the upper hand. It's not a shooting--I get it--but it's severely impacting the quality of life in the park, for businesses on Lark and Madison, including with outdoor seating, and for residents throughout the city. It won't stop without consistent enforcement.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Henry Johnson Blvd Albany 12210, United States - Albany
    Washington Park looks terrible. Grass unmoved. Trash all over the place. Why?
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    Washington Park Albany, NY, USA - Albany
    Parking Enforcement drives all over the Washington Park/Center Square area, with only a few drivers ever stopping to ticket the many violations in plain sight (parking over cross walks, in bus stops, in accessible spots without hang tag, in residential spots without a permit, etc, etc.). Repeatedly, and over more than a year, it has been reported that cars are constantly driving on the grass in Washington Park and parking at the basketball court despite signs clearly designating this is not allowed. Today, the court was again packed with cars and no police or Parking Enforcement addressed it even after calls reporting the issue. What is wrong with Parking and the Police Dept.? Who is in charge of Parking and why are they not being held accountable for ignoring serious and ongoing issues? In general, what is the point of seeclickfix when the only person who ever even occasionally posts a resolution or response is Molly at DGS (notices that an issue was "assigned" are not resolutions), Who do these posts go to and who is holding those individuals accountable for timely and thorough follow through?
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    216 Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    This dangerous and illegal parking situation has been allowed go continue since Kitchen 216 opened. There is no parking on the East side of Lark, yet the whole block is always filled with cars, sometimes even double parked. Buses can't pass, emergency vehicles are delayed, and cars and bikes are forced into the oncoming traffic lane because rude individuals can't walk a block to park legally to pick up their food. And if the owners were any kind of responsible business people and good neighbors they would be a part of the solution by telling customers not to park illegally and posting a sign to that effect on their business. That's what it means to be a part of a community. Why choose this location if you couldn't care less about the neighborhood and don't have the parking lot that would clearly serve your business a lot better? Poor planning as a business owner, but that doesn't excuse Kitchen 216, Parking Enforcement, Councilman Conti, the Lark BID and the rest of the people who could address this issue and don't. Enough is enough. It isn't like the reasons why this area is declining are a secret. They are in plain sight and the people who could address it don't care any more than the people creating the issues. Time for new leadership all the way around.
  • Other Acknowledged
    215 Lancaster St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    I’m sure this is a giant shot in the dark but is there anyway the city can fix the cobblestones on Lark Street they’re just as bad as the potholes