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  • 61-199 Willett St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Hudson Park
    For well over 3 hours, the motorcycles have been racing through the neighborhood and park, and the patios are still filled with loud crowds at both Lark Tavern and the Lionheart. APD, please inform the establishments that patrons need to be inside and so does the noise as of 11:00 PM. Having blaring music with the doors open is NOT adherence either. As is typical, there is no police presence and the issues have been reported without police response. Someone from the city will post to call the police as though that hasn't already been done. How about instructing the establishments and the police to do their jobs instead of telling others to keep futilely calling. Someone on another post mentioned calling the state police to ask for their assistance since Albany PD is not patrolling or enforcing in this area and has not been with any consistency or resolution of issues for a number of years.
  • 76 Central Ave Albany, NY 12206, USA - Central Avenue
    Unfortunately all six colors of the rainbow crosswalk need to be touched up since they were damaged by rain. Is there a sealant we can use once the paint dries? It's not easy to have "pride" in a crosswalk that got washed away like this.
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    460 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    Besides revving their engines to an ear splitting level and doing U-turns in the busy intersection with oncoming cars, these two motorcycles park directly in the marked "no parking bus stop." No one answers at Parking Enforcement and the police are unresponsive to parking issues nights and weekends.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Washington Park Albany Ny - Albany
    People sleeping overnight in the park: under the old weeping beech and on that mysterious platform in the dog park. Seems like numbers have increased.
  • Code Violations Acknowledged
    67 Chestnut St Albany 12210 United States - Center Square
    I called the people listed on the sign and they said they do not have any apartments available at 67 Chestnut St. They also don’t seem to have apartments available now at 71 Chestnut either. Which means both of these signs are illegal and are basically just advertising for the company. They should be removed.
  • Washington Park Rd Albany, NY 12208, USA - Albany
    employees private vehicles are now being allowed to be parked in the flower garden area??? this is appalling.... total misuse of the park.
  • 397 State St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Central Avenue
    can APD spend less time battering on defenseless citizens and more time preventing these quads and motorbikes speeding through the park. I was almost just crippled.
  • Madison & Lark Lark Street, Albany, NY 12210, United States of America - Center Square
    This was reported previously, traffic dept said they reviewed and made adjustments to the timing of the lights at Madison/Lark and Madison/Willett but the issue is not yet resolved. Every single weekday traffic is backed up down Madison Avenue from Willett to S Swan since the road calming project was completed. Cars sit through multiple green lights before traffic gets cleared out of the intersection. The light at Madison and Willett needs further timing adjustment. Between cars going straight down Madison and cars turning from Lark and Delaware there is simply too much traffic for one lane.
  • 31 Spring Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    The Iron Gate Cafe (182A Washington Avenue) leaves their commercial trash cans stored at the rear of their building (31 Spring Street) unscreened daily (not just trash pickup day). They are often overflowing with trash. They never bring them inside. The trash at 25 Spring, 23 Spring, 21 Spring, and 19 Spring are all screened. Why is Iron Gate’s not? It’s disgusting to walk past daily.
  • Code Violations Acknowledged
    57 Spring St Albany 12207 United States - Central Avenue
    There is human feces that has been piling up at 57 Spring st. The property manager and or owner is well aware of it. He never cleans it even after it has been pointed out to him several times.
  • 250 Lark Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    Patrons of this establishment not only litter and crowd the corner (blocking the path of those walking on the sidewalks), but are EXTREMELY loud for No Reason after 8pm. Patrons loudly laugh and yell, ignoring the fact that the side streets of this neighborhood are residential and that Maybe people might have to get up for work before 6am and don't need people screaming randomly.
    This could Easily be fixed if the owner of the bar kept is customers quiet after 8pm, but this is not the case. The owner is happy to disrupt the residents in order to make a few dollars off of rude college students.
    I used to love living in Center Square, but since Pint Sized moved in I have been looking to move elsewhere.
  • 304 Lark St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
    It's midnight and all I can hear is dirt bikes racing up and down Lark Street. It happens on a nightly basis, same place, same time. Police are called routinely and it's been reported a number of times by people here. When can we expect APD to begin cracking down on this?