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  • Washington Park Mall Benches Albany, New York - Albany
    Mall/walkway behind Soldiers and Sailors Monument has become a skid row with 5-12 individuals who are high from drink, meds or whatever, maybe mentally unstable. Sleeping overnight. Litter,trash and unsanitary remains throughout the day. The monument is left with litter, trash. Intimidating, dangerous, bad image for our city. Terrible for families and children who use the park. Police help needed on a regular daily basis.
  • Madison & Lark Lark Street, Albany, NY 12210, United States of America - Center Square
    This was reported previously, traffic dept said they reviewed and made adjustments to the timing of the lights at Madison/Lark and Madison/Willett but the issue is not yet resolved. Every single weekday traffic is backed up down Madison Avenue from Willett to S Swan since the road calming project was completed. Cars sit through multiple green lights before traffic gets cleared out of the intersection. The light at Madison and Willett needs further timing adjustment. Between cars going straight down Madison and cars turning from Lark and Delaware there is simply too much traffic for one lane.
  • 31 Spring Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    The Iron Gate Cafe (182A Washington Avenue) leaves their commercial trash cans stored at the rear of their building (31 Spring Street) unscreened daily (not just trash pickup day). They are often overflowing with trash. They never bring them inside. The trash at 25 Spring, 23 Spring, 21 Spring, and 19 Spring are all screened. Why is Iron Gate’s not? It’s disgusting to walk past daily.
  • 111–163 Willett St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    Off road vehicles down Madison again
  • 304 Lark St Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
    It's midnight and all I can hear is dirt bikes racing up and down Lark Street. It happens on a nightly basis, same place, same time. Police are called routinely and it's been reported a number of times by people here. When can we expect APD to begin cracking down on this?
  • 250 Lark Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    Patrons of this establishment not only litter and crowd the corner (blocking the path of those walking on the sidewalks), but are EXTREMELY loud for No Reason after 8pm. Patrons loudly laugh and yell, ignoring the fact that the side streets of this neighborhood are residential and that Maybe people might have to get up for work before 6am and don't need people screaming randomly.
    This could Easily be fixed if the owner of the bar kept is customers quiet after 8pm, but this is not the case. The owner is happy to disrupt the residents in order to make a few dollars off of rude college students.
    I used to love living in Center Square, but since Pint Sized moved in I have been looking to move elsewhere.
  • Morris St. And New Scotland Ave. Albany, New York - Park South

    An Albany Medical Center valet service is monopolozing public parking and bothering people who legally park on either side of the street on Morris at New Scotland. I parked in a public space and a valet immediately approached my car. I shook my head that I did not want valet parking, but he stood at my car door. When I exited my vehicle, he asked me where I was going and how long I would be.

    It's no ones business where I'm going or for how long. I told them this is public/residential parking. They told me my car might get blocked in if I park there, and one of the valets said, I was lucky it was him or I might "get hassled" by other valets for parking (in a residential spot with my residential permit). This feels like pressuring, bordering on harassment. The city needs to reign in AMC. Park South is not their kingdom.

  • Code Violations Acknowledged
    466 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    The crosswalk in front of the Downtube continues to be dangerous. It has not drained properly for years. It is either a patch of ice that people fall on or people have to go around and not use the safety of the crosswalk. For people with strollers, shopping carts, or disabilities requiring a ramp, they have no option, but to be on ice or wade through water, It's ridiculous that so much money went into Madison Ave., only to make it a traffic nightmare most of the day, but a drainage issue can't get fixed.
  • 70 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    Why is it so hard for tenants of 70 Morris to dispose of their garbage in their own building? This is a regular issue. Today, tenants decided they should leave their trash and cardboard outside the municipal trash bin outside of Pat Kelly Park at the intersection of Morris and Knox. Conveniently, they left their names on the boxes. Please address with management- Maddalone & Associates.
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    269 Lark St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    The pan handling is out of control right now. Why aren’t there more police on foot. It’s prime business time and one of Lark Streets biggest clientele is all over the street. The homeless and displaced. I am all for helping but how is anyone supposed to make a living when customers are being harassed for money on their way down the street.
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    250 Lark Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    The bar Pint Sized on the corner of Lark and Jay Street does not Seem to have Cigarette Butt buckets or ash trays. The sidewalks And both Jay and Lark Streets are LITTERED with cigarette butts which has Greatly increased since this establishment opened and Continues to Increase in the warmer weather as they set out chairs to encourage their patrons to sit outside. Not sure if this can be handled thru this system however I do not feel this would be a productive conversation if I attempted to discuss with the young owners. Can an Ash Tray mandate be implemented for such establishments with outdoor seating? People should want to enjoy this neighborhood but not at the expense of trashing our sidewalks with such filth.
  • 102 Willett Albany, New York - Center Square
    Very loud motorcycles and cars are racing, popping wheelies and revving engines up and down Madison and through the park. This has gone on for more than an hour with no response from the police who were called. This goes on nightly. Assign a patrol car or officers on motorcycles to catch and ticket these people.