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  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    Areas Surrounding Washington Park Albany, New York - Hudson Park

    Residential vehicles sit for days or weeks, without being ticketed even when they disregard alternate side parking and non-resident vehicles park in residential spots each morning and leave at the end of the work day without being ticketed. I know because I've talked to the state workers and hospital employees who do it. They shrug and say they don't get a ticket so the city must not be enforcing.

    Parking Enforcement routinely drives past vehicles parked over crosswalks, double parked and parked in handicap spots without hangtags, and does not appear to be ticketing the multiple cars violating residential parking 2-hour limits.

    I also hope Councilman Conti will work on getting residential parking 24/7. It doesn't make sense that residents have no parking when they get home from work. It would also benefit the city, because a good number of residents don't purchase permits since they get home after 5:00 PM and leave for work before residential parking goes into effect again. By having 24/7 residential parking, more people would purchase permits.

  • 131–169 Jay St Albany 12210, Estados Unidos - Center Square
    At the front door of 54 Dove St. there is a grocery cart parked and tied up, and a random chair.
  • Washington Park Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12203, USA - Albany
    Why is it that every time I come into a Lake house and use the ladies Room 3 or 4 stalls are without toilet paper there's paper towels all over the place the floors haven't been swept or cleaned and the bathroom is generally in disarray? They have an attendant who sits in the Lake house all day does that attendant actually do anything?
  • 361 State St Albany 12210, United States - Central Avenue
    These signs are up on 3 buildings on State and several on Hudson.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    49 Dove Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    This pothole keeps growing and growing. This is at least the 5th time reported. Someone is going to get hurt. Left over from water department replacing gate valves. 1 foot deep 5 feet long. This site reported that it was fixed in August but it was not even looked at!
  • Knox Street Mall Albany, NY 12203, USA - Albany
    The homeless who have now made the Knox Mall their permanent encampment had a ruckus last night and there is now trash strewn all over the entrance to Washington Park. What a terrible way to welcome people into this part of the city. There needs to be a major clean up in this area.
  • 72-198 Willett St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    PLEASE APD, put some patrols at the intersection of Madison and the Park to enforce the noise ordinance. Cars sit at the lights all night, and often during the day, with bass blaring. People are impacted and woken by this blocks away. It also seems like child endangerment when babies and young children are in the back of a number of these vehicles unable to protect themselves. Education is needed for parents to understand how this is impacting the long-term hearing of children.
  • Center Square Area Albany, New York - Center Square
    So many issues are being reported that could be helped by the consistent visibility and response of neighborhood engagement officers though they are needed much more at night. Unfortunately, Officer Lynch has not been seen in months on a neighborhood beat. Officer Webster is also no longer seen in the neighborhood. Officer Reedy is sometimes seen but mostly near the Lark flower shop. The Mayor's Office and APD leadership would be suprised if they tracked the location and behavior of some of their officers when they are allegedly on their neighborhood shifts. Rather than the Center Square area being where some officers seem to go to retire or relax, we need Neighborhood Engagement officers who are dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic, willing to respond and address issues each and every shift, and who don't just bide their time and attend neighborhood-sponsored social events or come to the occasional meeting to say issues don't exist that do, or that they are on top of issues they clearly aren't.
  • 175 Jay Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    Several of the windows on the basement level of the Knickerbocker Apartments are not secure. Screens and glass are broken. From the shown window a tenant has been seen crawling in and out. He at one point had a knife strapped to his leg! I called the police but never heard anything more.
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    Madison Ave. And Willet Albany New York - Albany
    Motorcycles are parking in residential spots for days at a time, along Madison Ave. and Willett, without residential permits. The owners respond that they don't need permits to park in residential spaces which is untrue. Parking Enforcement, however, is contributing to this false narrative by not ticketing motorcycles and they've become a big problem. Why are motorcycles, without residential permits, not ticketed and not towed, even when they sit for weeks at a time wiithout moving? Parking Enforcement routinely drives by these motorcycles, and other illegally parked vehicles, and does nothing.
  • 468 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    The building at 460 Madison Avenue, which has the Ebabil Photo & Video business on the first floor, recently introduced loud fowl with two large enclosures to the backyard. I first noticed them on Monday, but they may have been there for longer. The fowl are extremely noisy and disruptive; to the point that conversation from two yards over is disruptive. By sound and appearance, they may be guinea hens. Regardless, their presence has become a nuisance and violates multiple city codes.
  • 248 State St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Center Square
    the whole side is cover with ice, I fell this morning on it.