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  • 102 Willett Albany, New York - Center Square
    Very loud motorcycles and cars are racing, popping wheelies and revving engines up and down Madison and through the park. This has gone on for more than an hour with no response from the police who were called. This goes on nightly. Assign a patrol car or officers on motorcycles to catch and ticket these people.
  • 74 Willett St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    For about two hours there have been countless dirt bikes and motorcycles racing down Lark Street and through Washington Park. While I was out walking the dog I saw two of them run the red light at Willett and Hudson without a care in the world. I’ve called APD and was told they’d send someone over - why isn’t someone here patrolling already? If they’ve increased patrol and actually have beat officers in the neighborhood as they claim, why does the problem continue to occur night after night?
  • 462 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South

    This photo was taken at approximately 9:30 AM today (8/28/19). The parking enforcement employee from vehicle 344 was in the backseat of vehicle 342 where they socialized with the door open for approximately an hour. Not only are they wasting time at citizen and tax payer expense, but they are parked illegally in multiple ways. That side of Madison is no parking on Wednesday mornings until 10am, so they blocked the street sweeper...again. Even more egregious is that vehicle 342 is parked in a handicap accessible spot and vehicle 344 is parked in a clearly marked bus stop.
    Additionally, they failed to ticket any of the vehicles also illegally parked along that side of the street all morning (some of them also visible in the photo). Citizens have made calls and posts repeatedly about this common behavior of a number of city employees, including Parking Enforcement staff who park and chat the day away, or drive around illegally talking on their cell phones ignoring cars blocking crosswalks and bus stops, motorcycles parked across sidewalks, cars in accessible spots without a hangtag, and non residents in residential spaces all day. Residents have actually stood waving their arms right in front of Parking Enforcement pointing to very visible serious parking and safety issues and they are ignored as well. Parking Enforcement vehicles also regularly run red lights, make U-turns in busy traffic, busy intersections, etc.. This has been brought to the attention of Parking Enforcement and yet it continues and these city employees felt totally comfortable doing what they were doing in a very public location for an extended period of time. Parking Enforcement was alerted to the issue today, but no supervisor showed up. Please note that many mornings multiple APD vehicles also illegally park in that bus stop, in that handicap accessible spot and also block the street sweeper while they are in the Raw Juice Bar talking for an hour or more when there are plenty of legal parking spaces 10-20 feet away. Would love to see people get out of their offices and really see what their staff are doing--or not doing-- in the community.

    This is not about the ethical, hardworking city employees who are to be commended and are much appreciated.

  • Other Archived
    269 Lark St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    The pan handling is out of control right now. Why aren’t there more police on foot. It’s prime business time and one of Lark Streets biggest clientele is all over the street. The homeless and displaced. I am all for helping but how is anyone supposed to make a living when customers are being harassed for money on their way down the street.
  • 102 Willett Street Albany, New York - Hudson Park
    Please please please, City of Albany, do something about the noise pollution from intentionally loud dirt bike and motorcycle engines, including the large number of riders going up and down Madison Ave and through the park all night long. When there is even a brief break in that madness, the car stereos are shaking the walls. There are ordinances about this. Please enforce them. And do not simply give the names and numbers for Officers Webster and Lynch. You've been doing that for at least a few years and the situation has not improved. We need real action that will result in real change.
  • Lark And Dana Ae Albany, New York - Park South
    While walking on Lark at the corner of Dana Ave, a young male (high school age or very young adult) was riding a motor bike on the sidewalk past the Boys and Girls Club and turned in front of me onto Dana Ave. This has to stop before someone gets hurt or worse. Bicycles are not supposed to be on the sidewalk, let alone motor bikes and both are an increasing risk to pedestrians including children. Police presence is needed in this area, 7 days a week, and particularly from 3:00 PM to 5:00 AM.
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    216 Lark Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    A large gas grill has been sitting on the sidewalk for weeks adding to the trashy appearance Lark Street is already struggling with. Litter, garbage and furniture do not belong on the sidewalk unless appropriate for trash pick up and placed there at the designated time on trash night.
  • 244 Lark St Albany, NY - Center Square
    I watched a resident from 244 throw clothes and garbage in front of 246 Lark. When we tried to move them back, the resident became upset with us and threw them back in front of our building.
  • Washington Park Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12203, USA - Albany
    Why is it that every time I come into a Lake house and use the ladies Room 3 or 4 stalls are without toilet paper there's paper towels all over the place the floors haven't been swept or cleaned and the bathroom is generally in disarray? They have an attendant who sits in the Lake house all day does that attendant actually do anything?
  • 260 Lark St Albany 12210, United States - Center Square
    Motorcycles revving their engines are out of control. The sound appears to be all around us but clearly coming from Lark Street.
  • Panhandlers Acknowledged
    80 S. Swan St. Fl 14 A.E Smith Bldg. Albany, New York - Central Avenue

    Sick of the panhandlers at this corner of Swan and Washington. They don't just stand at the corner. They go up to the cars waiting at the traffic light and beg for money.

    Please get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

    Thank you for keeping them away from the food trucks and West Capitol Park. It's much nicer to eat lunch there now. It is very much appreciated.

  • 558 Madison Ave. At The Corner Of New Scotland Ave. Albany, New York - Park South
    The vacant building at the corner of Madison and New Scotland has been allowed to fall into horrible disrepair, creating a significant health and safety issue for the neighborhood and pedestrians, due to an owner who has made clear he doesn't care about the community and will continue to allow this condition until Albany Medical Center pays him what he is holding out for with the property. There is a point when a person should lose the privilege of property ownership when it's affecting the larger community as this has for a long time now. Not only is the building in dire condition and a terrible eyesore in a very public location, but glass is broken out, people drink and do drugs in the doorways and harass passerbys, and, as seen in the circled portion of the photo, the doorways are used as toilets with piles of human excrement on a routine basis. This is but one example of how people back up to the window and poop down the building and onto the walk. There was another pile of human feces right in the middle of the public sidewalk with a pile of toilet paper on top. This is a health hazard in addition to so much more.