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  • 383 40th Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    Any tagging should be unacceptable, but this needs to be removed immediately.
  • 551-649 42nd Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    trash bags and other junk
  • Huge Pile of Debris Acknowledged
    3974 Manila Oakland, California - Temescal
    On both sides of the vehicle parked at this address, and underneath the vehicle as well.
  • Dover St Oakland 94609, United States - Temescal
    This trailer has been out there for months on the city sidewalk
  • 41st & Opal Oakland, California - Temescal
    On the 41st Street frontage of Thunder Road, immediately west of Opal.
  • 618 52nd Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    Please clean this up and offer services to the people who live there. This is right next to Children's Hospital.
  • 41st & 42nd Oakland, California - Temescal
    On west of 41st, just south of 42nd Street.
  • 556-598 46th St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Temescal
    More illegal appliances, tires, junk
  • 572-580 45th Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    6 to 10 RV's and cars have been 'parked' in the 45th street underpass for more than two weeks and much longer than 72 hours (3 days). It appears that the owners don't intend to move them from the furnishings and items that have been placed in the street adjacent to the vehicles, narrowing the road for vehicles driving through.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Grove Shafter Freeway & California 24 & Macarthur Freeway Oakland, California - Temescal
    Sidewalk blocked.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    52nd & Shattuck Ave Oakalnd, California - Temescal
    The homeless guy has moved back in under the freeway underpass on the right side heading west...a big pile of junk has again accumulated at the location, and also on the upside of the freeway overpass .
  • 433 51st St Oakland, California - Temescal
    Trees and bushes are dying. A redwood tree is in danger of falling. The median hasn't gotten water in months and the planets are all dried out and close to dying.
    There are sprinklers out there but they haven't turned on this year.
    Please get the sprinklers running so the trees don't die!!!