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Boundaries cover District I

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  • Other Archived
    Ingrando Park - East End
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1446 Lawson St Houston, TX 77023, USA - East End
    bunch of debris
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    1000 Nagle St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
  • Other Acknowledged
    1962 Santa Rosa Street Magnolia Park, TX 77023, United States of America - East End
    Trash was not picked up this week. Supposed to be picked up on Monday. The whole street was affected
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1616 Marlin St Houston, TX 77023, USA - East End
    the lot at the corner of elliot and marlin st is basically being used as a junk yard. I'm not even sure who owns it. there is no house on it. the ppl who live next to it are clearly not the ppl using it.
  • 711 St Joseph Pkwy Houston TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    Old street post that has 1 inch still remaining above the concrete. People are tripping and falling to the ground. Location is beside the fire station near corner of St Joseph and Louisiana between the first two trees
  • 900 Smith St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    The sidewalk is damaged. As I was exiting a bus, a woman, who was walking in front of me, stumbled over these protruding bricks and fell completely onto the ground.
  • City Engineer Acknowledged
    726 Walker St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    Sidewalk blocked by plant
  • City Engineer Acknowledged
    1009 St Charles St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    Excavation is abandoned, untended and unsecured. Inadequate security fence. Water has filled the excavation and is now a hazard for potential drowning of a child and is breeding mosquitoes.
  • Water Leak Acknowledged
    1401 St Emanuel St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
  • 7628 Bellfort Street Houston, TX 77061, United States of America - Southeast
    Property owner refuses to allow graffiti abatement crew to remove graffiti for him. He was given 3 weeks to take of the graffiti and has yet to do so. Almost positive this is some sort of gang graffiti.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    2300 Pierce St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    large piles of trash underneath highway.