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Boundaries cover District I

Notified About

  • Parking Meter Acknowledged
    Jay Cohen Attorney 917 Franklin Street, Houston, TX 77002, United States of America - Downtown
    Also, ParkMobile app is not accepting payment for either this zone or for the downtown hopper
  • 7904 Gulf Freeway Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Illegal camp under I-45 bridge. Can smell human waste. Alcohol being consumed. Vandalism of traffic control equipment and panhandling.
  • Other Acknowledged
    1962 Santa Rosa Street Magnolia Park, TX 77023, United States of America - East End
    Trash was not picked up this week. Supposed to be picked up on Monday. The whole street was affected
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    2300 Pierce St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    large piles of trash underneath highway.
  • Other Acknowledged
    6740 Wildwood Way Houston 77023, United States - East End
    Abandoned vehicle - wrecked car.
  • City Engineer Acknowledged
    1009 St Charles St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    Excavation is abandoned, untended and unsecured. Inadequate security fence. Water has filled the excavation and is now a hazard for potential drowning of a child and is breeding mosquitoes.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1616 Marlin St Houston, TX 77023, USA - East End
    the lot at the corner of elliot and marlin st is basically being used as a junk yard. I'm not even sure who owns it. there is no house on it. the ppl who live next to it are clearly not the ppl using it.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Clay Street, Houston, TX 77002, United States of America - Downtown
    This unseen little thing on the sidewalk is dangerous for pedestrians.
  • Water Leak Acknowledged
    1401 St Emanuel St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
  • 7628 Bellfort Street Houston, TX 77061, United States of America - Southeast
    Property owner refuses to allow graffiti abatement crew to remove graffiti for him. He was given 3 weeks to take of the graffiti and has yet to do so. Almost positive this is some sort of gang graffiti.
  • Walker @ Main North Travis Tunnel, Houston, TX 77010, United States of America - Downtown
    Graffiti and homeless occupancy of building between J W Marriott on Main and Walker St garage on the 14 th floor level across from Main St Square.
  • Other Archived
    Columbia Tap Rail To Trail Houston, TX 77002, United States of America - East End