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  • 5900-5956 Cattlemen Lane Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    With the construction of the new Live Oaks Apartments, they have closed Cantu Ct workers off from being able to exit at the traffic signal across from Colonial Oaks Blvd. Now, hundreds of workers have only one exit with a stop sign and anyone that needs to travel south on Cattlemen Rd will have to make a dangerous left turn across 3-4 lanes of traffic. The road is expected to be closed until construction is complete in 2 years, so something needs to be done in the meantime to alleviate this unsafe situation. This is a concern everyone here shares, please do not ignore this. It is far too dangerous for people to make a left onto Cattlemen Rd at rush hour everyday, not to mention lunch time and any other time they need to leave.
  • 2076 Misty Sunrise Trail Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    Friday night's rain event caused a back up of the stormwater system in our community. I believe the lake that our system outfalls into was not properly draining into the subordinate systems as designed. I believe that the county structure with the facility ID of CT_112016_026403 may be impacted by vegetation or storm debris. Can you please check the outfall and the subordinate ditches/pipes for proper operation?
  • 2534 Mooring Lane Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    Medallion Homes purchased the Gulf Gate Golf Course. They do not maintain their property on the outside of the barbed wire fence they erected. It's been well over 8 months since the last mowing crew. Please ask them to maintain their property !
  • Coyotes Archived
    601-603 Alhambra Road Venice, Florida, Florida - Venice
    Coyotes are living in the 600 block of Alhambra Road. The excrement picture is outside my front door at 603 Alhambra. They have been sleeping behind my home and on the neighbors front door mat at 609 Alhambra. I have seen two together. We have elderly single female neighbors living alone at 604 and 612 who have seen the coyotes behind their homes. I worry what might happen if someone opens their front door and a coyote is on the mat.
  • Gladstone Boulevard Englewood, Florida - Englewood
    Gladstone blvd is a cut through to Bayshore. People travel down Gladstone to use the light at EnglewoodIsles parkway, because it’s almost impossible (especially from November-May) to make a left onto 776. The next traffic light after EnglewoodIsles parkway is not until Dearborn. We have many neighborhoods surrounding EnglewoodIsles, and nobody can blame them for taking Gladstone to get to the traffic light. Our speed limit is 25mph on Gladstone. We have people speeding Day and night anywhere from 45-65 mph on a 25mph street everyday. We’ve had speeds up to 90 mph too. This is an I-75 speed in a residential neighborhood. The speeding is dangerous with the school buses in the morning, and also in the evening. We have thousands of people who travel down Gladstone weekly. Our neighborhood has a number of reported incidents of accidents, dogs being killed, and pedestrians being almost side swiped. There’s even a FWC report from a bald eagle being killed on Gladstone from speeding. We don’t have street lights, and people walk, and bike, on Gladstone everyday. Gladstone is .8 miles long, and it’s a straight roads without any stop signs. People have used this road drag race at night . Somebody will be killed. We cannot take a deputy off patrol 7 Days a week just to monitor just 1 street in our county. We need the county’s help for safety of our residents and their pets. We have hearing and visually impaired residents, along with many handicap residents. We ask for a few stop signs to break up the flat stretch of road .8 miles long. Also, many years ago double yellow lines were paid for by an old HOA board. This is the county’s roads, as we aren’t private. The double yellow lines made this worse. The HOA will work with the county to resolve this consistent issue, before more lives are in daily danger. Many residents have reached out for help, and have gotten nowhere.
  • 6101 Business Boulevard Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    I walk 2x a day with a co-worker and we cross the section in the photo where the crosswalk lines are faded and one of the signs are covered by trees. I was wondering if you can help contact the proper area regarding re-striping of the lines with reflective paint and trimming the tree so the sign could be seen better? Every day there is an issue with cars NOT stopping while we are walking. It is a pedestrian crosswalk and the cars are supposed to stop. It's very dangerous as they speed by without regard for the speed limit or the pedestrian crosswalk. Thank you for your help and guidance.
  • 7672 S Tamiami Trl Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County

    Poochie's Pampered Pups is zoned for a permitted use of grooming. However, they operate primarily as a dog day care and have dogs outside and cage free off and on between the hours of 7am to 6pm. The location is abutting and adjacent to residential homes and creates noise issues for the neighborhood due to many dogs barking early mornings and throughout the day (even when employees attempt to supervise, the dogs continue to bark, and we then hear employee screams and dogs barking). The grooming use would not involve leaving dogs outside to play and bark all day long. Additionally, the daycare service are provided with or without the grooming service. Therefore, many dog owners are leaving dogs solely for the purpose of free range daycare and not grooming. This is not a vet clinic, therefore, no exception for pet resorts/boarding applies. Ideally, the company would be confined to solely offering grooming services, as approved, which would not involve dogs being dropped off to play and bark outside.

    **We have submitted this issue before and were advice to contact law enforcement as the appropriate department; however, law enforcement has advised us this is not within their scope and this is solely a zoning/use issue. Law enforcement further advised that a noise ordinance claim is an immediate short term fix but not the appropriate solution for an ongoing business use disturbance. This is a use issue, given the company is operating outside of the approved "grooming" use category. The neighbors surrounding would be very pleased if we could at least accomplish the business being required to keep the dogs inside, except when dogs are briefly taken outside to relieve themselves (like all other grooming businesses), rather than allow them to play and bark outside, off and on, all day long (as a day care and not a grooming business).

  • 2021 Mcintosh Rd Sarasota, FL 34232, USA - Sarasota Springs
    Sensors/timers are not working properly to allow Linwood drivers to turn onto McIntosh. School begins in 2 weeks, and it will be chaotic.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2545 Bispham Rd Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    It has come to our attention that the owners of this property may be in violation of zoning laws. This property recently sold to owners that are operating the home as a daily/vacation rental. Neighbors are concerned about the amount of people coming and going. Within the past 2 months there have been multiple people renting the premises, most from out of state. The longest stay has been about 5-6 days. All others have been 1-3 days. The property is listed on multiple websites as a daily rental. Thank you!
  • Pothole Archived
    5700-5798 Shangri La Road Sarasota, Florida - Bee Ridge
    The intersection of Shangri La Rd and Clark Rd has been deteriorating over the years and is now at a serious state of disrepair. It has caused damage to vehicles ranging from bumper and undercarriage damage in which documentation can be provided to flat tires and bent rims leaving drivers relegated to waiting on the side of the road for tow truck arrival. It creates a hazard for vehicles having to excessively slow down on Clark Road in order to make safe entrance onto Shangri La Road. Please address this situation as it has been a point of contention for the local businesses and it customers who have navigated through it for years now.
  • 1 Beach Road Sarasota Beach, FL 34242, United States of America - Siesta Key
    The Handicap Parking Only Sohn is missing.
  • 1633 West University Parkway Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    If this has not been fixed as of 8/21, last evening at 5:10 pm the traffic light at the intersection of W University Pkwy in front of 7-11, and University Pkwy would only remain green for 3 cars to make a left turn onto University Pkwy off of W University Pkwy heading east before it turned red again and then the wait for it to turn green again seemed forever. The line of cars was backed up to Honeywell on old 301 (where people park to watch the planes fly in to the airport). I hope this has been corrected. I took me 25 min. to reach the traffic light from in back of the airport and I certainly do not want this to be an every day occurrence. Please fix if this has not been reported and fixed. Thank you.