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  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1426-1498 General Lee Ave Fayetteville, NC, 28305, USA - Fayetteville
    This dumpster has been here for months. This house has been an eyesore for over a year. The dumpster was finally placed there and it has not been emptied, maybe ever. People from all over now dump any type of garbage, trash or debris in it and it is not being emptied. Trash is falling from it and blowing through the neighborhood. In one of these photos, you may even notice it is on the "Dogwood Trail". How appropriate is that, this week of the Dogwood Festival? How does that look to visitors? People in the city complain of Fayetteville's bad image and here is a perfect example of why, right in one of the nicer older neighborhoods. Rats are breeding there because of the household trash people dump in it. Something needs to be done.
  • 1219 Hilltop Avenue Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    The male tenant in the house on Hilltop had a friend of his bring this construction debris from another site and dump it in the street here. This house is a constant problem.
  • 498 Westmont Drive Fayetteville, NC 28305, United States of America - Fayetteville
    Dumpster over filled and not emptied - a least 1 month
  • 352 Devers St Fayetteville 28303, United States - Fayetteville
    Sharp rust steps exposed to children playing at playground. I have reported this 3 times. Looks like it was just painted over but sharp edge still there and can cut anyone
  • 400 Westmont Dr Fayetteville 28305, United States - Fayetteville
    The dumpster Co dumped out all the trash and left it on the property
  • 1712 Fairington Ln Fayetteville, NC 28305, USA - Fayetteville
    Is there anything the city can do to require these people to either clean or drain and cover this mosquito cesspool in their backyard? This is our view from my girls bedroom window. This is a prime breeding ground for mosquitos and therefore a danger to public health. My daughter is allergic to them and we have our yard sprayed but this does no good with that pool right next to our house.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    317 Westmont Dr Fayetteville 28305, United States - Fayetteville
    The contractors on this site have left or abandoned an open dumpster on site. The dumpster has become a place for many to use for their own
    household trash and other refuse.
    Trash is Scattered across the yard and side street (Gen Lee Ave)
    Please help the residents of our neighborhood with this horrible eyesore and potential danger. This has been going on far too long!
  • 1325 General Lee. (Park) Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    The blue table and bench are completely rusted with jagged sharp metal exposed on table and benches. This has been reported on several times over the past year and a half and nothing has been done. It should be replaced or removed. It is a big safety hazard for children and adults.
  • 499 North Churchill Drive Fayetteville, NC 28303, United States of America - Fayetteville
  • 400 Westmont Dr Fayetteville, NC, 28305, USA - Fayetteville
    Here they are in the act of illegal dumping into the yard of this house. AAA should have their permit to do business in the city revoked and they and the driver should be fined.
  • 400 Westmont Fayetteville, NC - Fayetteville
    This home has been abandoned for over a year. The yard is unkept, the industrial size trash bin in the yard is overflowing with debri (people not associated with the home have begun to dump extra trash in this bin), overall abandoned home. Unsightly.
  • 1318 Hilltop Avenue Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    See the attached photo. The limb is dead and barely hanging on. It is hazard to break loose and fall on a pedestrian or a passing vehicle. Also the tree itself hangs far over the roadway and needs to be cut back.