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  • 308 Colby Cir Glen Burnie 21060, United States - Glen Burnie
    Trash and recycling was never picked up Christmas week. And this week they picked up recycling and left the trash.
  • 1115 Cedarcliff Dr Glen Burnie, MD, 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
    sump pump is draining into neigbors yard leaving stagnant water, which brings a large amount of bugs/mosquitos during warm months. It is also destroying the neighbors driveway. Homeowner is unwilling to work with neighbor on relocating sump pump drainage pipe.
  • 524 Delmar Ave Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    red Chevrolet cavalier with a tag 3ba 8690 has been parked in the street for almost 6 months, has flat tires and tags that expired. it makes the Cul-de-sac look bad
  • 8195 Jumpers Hole Road Pasadena, Maryland - Severna Park
    Suggestion: Change the signal to allow right turns from the southbound right turn lane when eastbound Elvaton traffic is turning left. It makes no sense for a long string of southbound traffic to sit waiting at a red light in a turn-only lane there. This would improve traffic flow and be no danger to anyone.
  • 704 Berry Rd Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    The county have been to this home many times, the man and his son live in filth. He has received multiple notices regarding cleaning up the front yard and he disregards them. We are tired of looking at the home that actually looks abandoned. And it's worse inside!!
  • 1300 Gilbert Pl Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    sump pump is emptying onto the ground just under the side porch towards the backend when its pumps you can see a steady flow coming out from beneath the porch. The back yard is like a swamp
  • Lost Pet Archived
    1236 Cathedral Dr Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    Long-haired Chihuahua Blonde, lost since this morning he's very timid, and afraid of people. Please help.
  • 10 Glen Cir Glen Burnie 21060 United States - Glen Burnie
    10 Glen circle has changed the water flow and we now have a river! It is to close to the side walk and in violation.
  • 8257 Ahearn Dr Millersville, Maryland - South Gate
    There is a small sinkhole that has started and it's gotten bigger in the past day
  • Marley Station Rd - Glen Burnie
    Graffiti is located along the green fence on Marley Station Road, near Marley Middle School.
  • Arundel Expy Glen Burnie, MD 21060, USA - Glen Burnie
  • Drainage Complaint Acknowledged
    7726 Hartwell Road Glen Burnie Maryland - Glen Burnie
    My family and I purchased a new build via Ryan Homes. We have a wooded lot which has an open area with a drainage. This area has always had standing water. We were told when we settled back in January that once all of the houses were built that the open area will be dug out and replaced with hay to promote the growth of grass. Today is June 13th and we have contacting several Ryan employees to check the status of the open space. To date no one has given us an answer. I am especially concerned because on last Thursday, I walked from my front door to my car in my driveway and I received 8 mosquito bites. The bites resulted in 8 golf ball sized knots on my arm and legs. The bites lead me to an emergency visit to the doctor which resulted in some steroid meds. At this point, it is unsafe for humans and pets to be outside for any length of time. Can you please help me and the other homeowners along Hartwell Road by providing us with a date of when the area will be cleaned up? We are in hazardous conditions. Please see the attached photos.