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  • 100 4th Avenue Se Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    100 4th Ave SE 21061-There are always between 4-8 vehicles parked along Padfield Blvd on this house’s lawn. There are always multiple broken down vehicles. The two there currently have been there for a very long time.
  • 306 Juliedale Drive Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    King George at Oakwood
  • Other Concerns Acknowledged
    400 Secret Bend Glen Burnie, Maryland - South Gate
    Someone is operating a junk hauling business out of an apartment at the corner of Mystic View Turn and Secret Bend. He is using Mystic View Turn, from Hidden Brook Drive to the entrance to the Woods Edge Townhomes as a parking and storage lot for a number of his vehicles and junked cars. There are multiple trailers, dump trucks, vans, and tow trucks with junked cars, car parts, and assorted trash parked along this short stretch of county road. Parking a single business vehicle is one thing, but parking multiple vehicles related to the same business, all of them laden with trash and junk should not be allowable on a residential street.
  • Other Concerns Acknowledged
    179 Faywood Avenue Glen Burnie, MD 21060, United States of America - Glen Burnie
    Bus stop at intersection of B&A and Faywood needs to be removed from homeowner side. Marley station apartment residents are the ones who utilize it and litter non stop and walk through homeowners property damaging vehicles as well. County or state do not maintain the stop with the liter or grass. I have filed over 12 complaints to the RTA transit which have never once been acknowledged or resolved.
  • Pothole Archived
    409 5th Ave Se Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    When someone hits the pothole water hits your windshield causing a driving hazard
  • 514 Dogwood Dr Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, USA - Glen Burnie
    The black trailer (left) owned by a person at 514 Dogwood Drive and has been sitting in the road in front of 512 Dogwood Drive for over a year - the registration has also expired. I noticed the neighbor at 512 struggling once again to navigate around it and someone mentioned this website.
  • 514 Oakwood Rd Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
    Deck built around a pool is up very close to my fence which has caused water to stay in this dark narrow space. We have also seen rodent come through a small hole in fence. This narrow space also has broken pieces of deck and other debris in that space
  • Junk Archived
    8125 Ritchie Hwy Pasadena, Maryland - Pasadena
    At the rear of Panera Bread, 8125 Ritchie Hwy., Pasadena, MD 21122, next to the clothes bin, someone has thrown soda cans under a bush. Please have then removed. Thank you.
  • Old Mill Boulevard South Gate, MD 21061, United States of America - South Gate
    494 old mill rd to Chalet court both east & west bound rd. Needs trash pickup. Issue has been reported over six months and no ones has come out.
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    7th Ave Se And Griffth Rd - Glen Burnie
    Car's parked on both corners. Marking it difficult to turn.
  • Found dog Archived
    18-24 Queen Anne Road Glen Burnie, Maryland - Glen Burnie
  • Pothole Archived
    Oakwood Rd Millersville, MD, 21108, USA - South Gate
    Multiple potholes on Oakwood Rd near the intersection as you turn left from Elvaton Rd.