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  • 27 Cook Ave Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    Why is there a DPW worker using a city owned piece of equipment to plow a private residence? Will they be doing this for every driveway in Chelsea because I would love to have my driveway plowed by the city free of charge. How about they work on the sidewalks or crosswalks which are still buried. My house is on kimball and it overlooks cook ave so I could see them very easily
  • 154 Shurtleff St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Once again 3 days in a row all night long groups of men on the corner of shurtleff st and Chester ave all night long. Selling drugs and harassing bystanders. They clearly aren’t from here or are recent to the area but it’s obvious. This is Definatly within 1000 feet of the shurtleff school and of the community college and should be monitored at all times if it’s like this. This area needs to be monitored constantly you can’t expext to fix it for a day and have the problem go away. You can’t expect the residents to call the police every time this occurs either because it’s constant unless it’s patrolled.
  • Chestnut Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    Something needs to be done about these liquor stores selling to intoxicated people we see in our streets. The city officials must stop the political approach(aka blind eye)and address the issue. I live on Chestnut street and see Fernandez liquor store selling to the same group of individuals every day. None of their employees live in our community to understand the burden they put on us, our kids cannot even play outside anymore. Is this the price we pay for not having the means to live in a better city? With zero enforcement from city officials they continue to sell.

    The issue in Chelsea Square still very active, having TWO liquor stores(fernandez and chelsea mart) selling to them all day long. Please lets move on from the small talk and actually act. We want to see changes. I will start to take pictures and post here since no one seem to be able to see anything. Please, really help us.

  • 220 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The park in front of 220 Broadway is a mess. The trash, liquor bottles and scratch cards are awful in the park. Is there a way to clean it and get a trash barrel in that area?
  • Mi Salvador Mexican Restaurant 222 Broadway, Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Last night during the snow fall I noticed the recycle man from the city at a local bar with city truck at 7 pm he continued to attend the bar up until 9 pm I don’t understand how this is city work related
  • 111 Shurtleff Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Past two days straight large groups of man dealing drugs all up and down shurtleff st, prostitution and drug dealing to junkies all night. No authority in sight. Why are there no patrols in these areas to stop this. It’s not a one time occurrence it’s daily. Kids live all around here and have to deal with this too, as well as elderly, I feel worse for them than myself. Children couldn’t be subjected to this in a school zone. Where do the children turn when the police won’t even help them?
  • Scooter gang Archived
    158 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Bunch of scooters speeding all over the city gathering behind the court house and lower Broadway. Some of them carrying small children with no required proper gear. Just by looking you can tell they do not a license to be on those scooters. It is the law. If I am a citizen and can see this why the police is not doing anything about it?? Please help us keep our streets safe, they go on sidewalk too, especially on lower Broadway.
  • 350 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This is getting crazy. Why the Police is not giving these double parked cars citations? I bet you if they were giving them a ticket, they wouldn’t be doing this. Perhaps the Police know they don’t have driver’s licenses and they will have to arrest(more work) even the Fire Department is struggling with this GRIDLOCK. Wait until these fire trucks get stuck on Broadway and a disaster happens. Make sure we hold the city manager and chief accountable for knowing the problem and not fixing it. This is a fixable problem, stop the excuses. Get out of the cruiser, check id and give a citation. Done.
  • Division Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This construction company/owner doesn't seem to care. Again the street has been blocked off by the delivery person. When approached if they have a police detail they stated they were on the way. I called the police and they showed up and informed me that they have a police detail scheduled for 11am. Its 8am in the morning! This is ridiculous again the Greenhouse residents that are elderly and disabled can't be picked up by their ride. Another slap in the hand isn't going to do it. The owner/building permit holder should be fined or the permit should be taken away.
  • 174 Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    I'd like to comment about the clear criminal presence and the seeming ignorance the police in and around the area of Bellingham sq have to it between midnight and 4 am every single night, the clear criminal presence of drug selling/using persons on all streets, sitting on residents porches or in alleys or just roaming blatentely disrupting nighttime peace in the community almost every night has begun to get out of hand. Like I said I see this almost every morning. There are groups of men. They are either selling hard drugs or looking for an easy target to rob. All this while the police are parked quietly in the square or in parking lots convieniently away from where anything would happen that they'd see. I've been the victim of an attempted mugging twice. I see the same patterns in all of them. And this pattern has been growing exponentially for the past 5 years to a decade. Nightly thuggish groups of men and or prostitutes roam up and down bellingham sq, the area of Marlboro st to shurtleff st all the way down the Tobin and east Boston bridges, it’s the entire city. the police are seemingly letting this go on as they sit in parking lots all night allowing the same people to keep this city a nighttime hellhole.
  • Cottage And Highland St Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    To the date people on Cottage st and highland st are still leaving space savers, when the rule is 48hrs! It's crazy that nobody thinks it's time to just leave it as is If u have family dropping off your kids from u and stuff u can 't have a spot for them because everything is blocked off!!
    Please remove them and let people know it's been time and 100% of people are still using them!

    Thank you!

  • 738 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is noise shouting fighting throwing broken bottles, needles etc that are generated by the addicts that are allowed to hang out on church stairs and alley way. This makes it unsafe for the church neighbors.