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  • 24 Suffolk Street Chelsea Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Cancel request pressure restored
  • Bike Issue Archived
    300 Commandants Way Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Green rental bike parked in middle of sidewalk at the corner of captains row and commandants way blocking the sidewalk for access for at least 2 days.
  • East Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The crossing guard at Broadway and Third St does not go in the middle of the street to cross people. He stands at the curb and stretches his arm out with the stop sign in it. Very dangerous especially in the afternoon
  • 87 Broadway Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Tripping hazard on Broadway, Carol Brown of Beacon Street has this long tube draining water onto Broadway running the length of the alley causing a tripping hazard.
  • Other Archived
    184 Carter St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Significant flooding on road underneath the bridge heading away from CHS.
  • 2 Eldridge Place Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    New tenants/owners moved to Medford st abutting Eldridge place. In a 15” wide driveway they are parking a commercial truck, a suv and blocking both with another suv. WTF? What’s next? A garage lift? This is a fire hazard. This needs to be addressed immediately.
  • 109 Washington Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Trash barrels not taken in in front of Chelsea Dental Associates, well past 12 hours since trash pickup.
  • 35–65 5th St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    In the parking lot on Fifth St under route 1 there is a pile of debris. There is a gap in the roadway immediately overhead so could be from there or maybe someone just dumped it here.
  • Other Archived
    50 Commandants Way Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    When is the dog park open? Looks done but dead bolted locked all day.
  • Other Archived
    438 Broadway Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Bracket for banner broken and hanging
  • 422 Washington Ave Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Top step in Prattville Park moving. Entrance from corner of Franklin St and Nichols st.
  • 40 Hawthorne St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Space savers continue to be used on Hawthorne Street between Marginal & Essex Street. CPD currently blocking bottom of Hawthorne Street could maybe help and remove it with their pickup truck?