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  • Cottage And Highland St Chelsea, MA - Chelsea

    To the date people on Cottage st and highland st are still leaving space savers, when the rule is 48hrs! It's crazy that nobody thinks it's time to just leave it as is If u have family dropping off your kids from u and stuff u can 't have a spot for them because everything is blocked off!!
    Please remove them and let people know it's been time and 100% of people are still using them!

    Thank you!

  • 160 Washington Avenue Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Cary Square is in desperate need of a properly signalized intersection, or at least clearer signage. I drive through every day from Cary Ave WB and Washington Ave SB and at least one driver at the intersection does not understand that a) NB traffic on Wash. has right of way over SB traffic making a left or b) that SB traffic turning from Washington to Cary, Forsythe or Gardner has the right of way over traffic entering the square from those three streets.
  • 738 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    There is noise shouting fighting throwing broken bottles, needles etc that are generated by the addicts that are allowed to hang out on church stairs and alley way. This makes it unsafe for the church neighbors.
  • 1010 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea

    Trash piling up amongst with personal items such as clothing shoes.

    This needs attention ASAP!

  • 174 Shurtleff St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I'd like to comment about the seeming ignorance the police in and around the area of Bellingham sq have between midnight and 4 am litterally every single night, the clear criminal presence of drug selling/using persons on all streets, sitting on residents porches or in alleys or just roaming blatentely disrupting nighttime peace in the community almost every night has begun to get out of hand. Like I said I see this almost every morning. There are groups of men. They are either selling hard drugs or looking for an easy target to rob. All this while the police are parked quietly in the square or in parking lots convieniently away from where anything would happen that they'd see. I've been the victim of an attempted mugging twice. I see the same patterns in all of them. And this pattern has been growing exponentially for the past 5 years to a decade. Nightly thuggish groups of men and or hookers roam up and down bellingham sq, the area of Marlboro st to shurtleff st all the way down the Tobin, it’s the entire city. the police are letting this go on. It's quite obvious at the least they don't enforce any sort of presence of law once midnight hits...I would complain directly to the police but in my opinion they are part of the problem as well.
  • Rats/Vermin Archived
    157 Winnisimmet Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Near the corner of Winnisimmet and 2nd Street -- there is an inset in the sidewalk where a tree used to be that now has asphalt covering it. And, within that asphalt area is a hole in one of the corners. Tonight, a rat emerged from said hole.
  • 98 Grove St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    People from 80 to 100 Grove st are saving parking spots. This has been an ongoing issue for some time now. Yesterday around 4pm there was an open spot for parking but some heavy set lady was standing on the street parking spot so that she could save the spot for someone who wasn't even around the area at the time. I told her to move and she refused. Obviously I couldn't run her over. After telling her what she was doing was wrong she still refused to get out of my way. I will try and get more information regarding the car that the space was saved for. But for now I think the city needs to look into this. This is unfair to everyone else who lives there.
  • 14 Bassett Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This continues to be an issue even tonight with the resident at 14 Bassett St holding parking spots. My post earlier today was closed but apparrently should still be open. Your parking officers will ignore this cone and/or barrell that is placed there every day and night (overnight). THIS HAPPENS ALL YEAR ROUND!!!!!!!
  • Space Savers Archived
    60 Heard St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea

    Could we get some guidance on space saver usage? I think citizens are confused of their purpose. Shouldn't these have been removed by 12pm on Sunday?

    Roughly 100% of space savers are still in use...

  • 175 Cottage St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    I am an owner at Mill Creek. Three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) my roommate and I are rattled awake anywhere between 5:58 am to 6:30 am by the deafening sound of the garbage and recycling dumpsters being rolled out from under our condo and the garbage truck driving around the complex and emptying the 4+ dumpsters all before 7 am. Property manager is no longer responding to emails regarding this ongoing issue and has failed to enforce this for over a month now.
  • 118 Shurtleff Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Once again same old story, same men walking around all day and night from stoop to stoop smoking crack and harassing everyone around them and no police around to stop them. When will this be taken care of? I can see it’s the same people day and night I know the police would see the same thing if they were around. This issue keeps being closed and nothing is ever done. Same as a lot of issues in this city it seemes.
  • 57-59 Cottage St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Every Sunday. No parking this side. We seven days a week enforcers.