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  • 22 Congress Ave Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I was almost hit BY TWO CARS in the past 10 mintues at the intersections of pearl/park/congress. This intersection is not well lit and we need "yield to pedestrian" signs IMMEDIATELY. Given rush hour traffic right now, maybe you need to hire a crossing guard. this is the second time i am reporting this issue with no solutions. FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY BEFORE I AM HIT BY A CAR. I attached a photo of what it looks like to be a pedestrian on this street with cars jumping at you when you're in the crosswalk. I was in the cross walk both times as I was almost hit. This is Unacceptable. The lights on this intersection didn't have numbers on them--they are the glass enclosed lights which do not have light bulbs in them.
  • Street signs Archived
    Library St Chelsea 02150 United States - Chelsea
    The sign is blocking the pedestrian walkway it is in the middle of the sidewalk
  • Fourth Street And Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The catch basin on the corner of 4th and B'way is awful It smells like dead rats, lots of them. I don't know how the policemen can stand there and direct the traffic.
  • 4 Reynolds St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I want to report the family who lives at 4 Reynolds st in Chelsea, MA for parking illegally on a sidewalk in front of their house right in front of their garage. I have been living in Chelsea for over a year and not once seen them park any of their vehicles in their 2 car garage. Instead the park in front of their garage on the sidewalk. This becomes a problem when people have to leave the sidewalk to walk in the street to pass their house. I've seen 10 year old kids drive their bikes in the street, parents walk in the street with their babies in a stroller. Last week at night I walk into the street and almost got sideswiped by a oncoming car. This is a blind corner for cars turning off of Washington ave going full/half speed and will lead to an accident. I am just reporting this now on record so if any accidents happen I can say I mentioned it. Like I said they have been parking like this for over a year. If you look on Google Street View you can see an old snapshot from years ago and there is a car parked the same way. Thanks for your time and I hope you look into this
  • 100 Washington Avenue Chelsea Ma 02150 - Chelsea
    Fire remediation workers on first floor harassing female pedestrians (cat-calling, lewd remarks).
  • Starbucks And Homegoods Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    At the Mystic Mall several cars are parked illegally in the fire lane at Starbucks - this has been an ongoing issue. However, today, there was also cars parked illegally in the fire lane in front of HomeGoods. This is a violation and it has been allowed to continue in front of Starbucks and due to that it now has extended to HomeGoods. There are plenty of parking spaces in the lot to use and people should not be allowed to violate state law.
  • Other Archived
    109 Highland St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    my house os 107 -109 the house that I Will comment abought is the white one cross the street that owner has Roosters and chickens that make loud noises day and night is IT legal to have thoose animales in Chelsea.
  • 151 Shurtleff St Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    Shot spotter last night as per Chelsea news one round recovered and two streets down on Lynn st. a few hrs later it’s filled with gang thugs roaming the streets taunting pedestrians, selling drugs, doing whatever they do and no police patrol in sight. This is a nightly Occurance. Why is this allowed to take place. Why do the police not patrol like they are expected in areas like this. Especially after gun related activity in the area. This is unacceptable.
  • 170 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea, MA - Chelsea
    I was at McDonald’s on revere beach parkway on 3/8/18 at 7:30pm. While I was ordering my items i noticed 4 rats running around the bushes/grass area near the drive thru. I am aware the dumpster is nearby and has always been there since I was a child and that was easily 20 plus years ago from my own memory. I question if the exterior of this restaurant is to this level, what does the interior look like? What are the sanitation issues if any? In the past 3-4 years this issue in the McDonald’s drive thru has only become exceedingly worse. I gave them the benefit of the doubt at first since we are a city, we are heavily populated, and I know the city in general has had rodent issues (especially the last 4+ years) I thought maybe the first few times was rogue but it’s becoming worse and worse. If McDonald’s is at this level of rodent issues, imagine the surrounding homes, businesses, etc. that battle the issues (invasion of rats/mice) or have issues but do not rectify them and the rat/mice population just breeds and breeds and becomes even worse. I have seen mice/rats on my own street as well as around the city. I understand we are a city and with the city comes rodents. However, the city needs to step up their efforts in rectifying these problems. My family has called city hall on numerous occasions to be told they bait the sewers and offer residential baiting programs. That is great and all but it is not even close to enough. I do not want to be pushed out of the city I grew up in because of rats and never wanting to go in my own yard at night in fear of the rats. My household has had professional treatments (exterior/interior) as proactive measures for quite a few years now. It disgusts me that when I pick up something in my yard, did I come into contact with rodent urine/feces? The city needs to be aware children are citizens of the city too and it’s unsanitary for kids (or anyone) to play in their yards and come into contact with rodent urine/feces. The city itself and the residents and business owners of Chelsea need to be proactive and together as a community we can get a better handle on the rodent population. If homeowners/business owners recognize an issue, it immediately needs to be treated. If a neighbor has a burrow or the owner themselves have one or you see rats entering homes or around homes, it needs to be taken care of properly. If a neighbor is not fixing their issues the city needs to visit these homes/business and tell the owners to fix the problem and that comes with neighbors coming together and becoming one as a community. I watched the Facebook live video the city had about the rat issues and I think it left many people still questioning what the city is doing to help. We need help with this issue! I’ve seen this city though many phases in my 30 plus years here and this is a major issue and we can’t do it alone!
  • 738 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The community center at the church needs to be shut down or needs to pay for police detail during hours of operation. This has been an on-going issue and will no longer be tolerated by local business owner owners. There was public drinking/ drug use and a fight in front of our business this morning on Broadway. Let's Make Chelsea Great Again!
  • 39 Winnisimmet St. chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Young men and women have been canvasing the neighborhood from various energy companies. To get entry into buildings they say they're from Eversource. Once inside they randomly knock on resident's doors. They are not from Eversource but they ask to see your Eversource bill. It is unclear who they work for and what they are doing. On 2 occasions they where wandering inside our building after 6:30pm. I have asked them 4 times to leave the premises and not to come back. They were back again today.
  • 1-29 Cherry Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Every Friday/Saturday Night when CIAO is packed with Customers, their delivery mini-van tends to park at the entrance of Cherry Street, on the sidewalk.
    I love CIAO and support local businesses, but these owners have to be aware that they cannot have their employees park wherever they feel like it, specially at this location. Cherry Street is a tiny street with barely any sidewalk; people walk on the street. If a car has to make a blind turn into Cherry Street, in the dark, one can accidentally run over a person.